Atlas Rollout in Sections

Note: my brain is in breeding path mode, so if this thought is a bit chunky and weird to follow, forgive me.

In the most basic way, Atlas is overwhelming. For a brand new player (re: level 6), I think Atlas would cause more low levels to quit. However, there are a lot of great basic things about Atlas and a system that I think could help ease people into the chaos. Thus, I would suggest rolling out Atlas in a specific way to all the leagues. Initially, my brain says a team would get and retain the following when they hit that league:

Bronze & Silver

  • Single player re:tutorial only – no team with them
  • Single gold mine for invader
  • No poacher
  • Build troops prompt
  • Fighter with no upgrades possibilities

Gold 3-5

  • Team Territory only – no league
  • 1 basic castle (can upgrade all infra as if it’s a level 2 land minus one level, 25% buffs).
  • No roles available (Gov, Banker, etc)
  • 2 additional neutral, unownable territories (with pochers)
  • Fighter with no upgrade available

Gold 1-2

  • Team Territory only
  • 2 basic castles (can upgrade all infra as if it’s a level 2 land minus one level, 25% buffs)
  • Roles added (Gov, Banker, etc) with pop-ups explaining what permissions are granted
  • 4 additional neutral, unownable territories (with pochers)
  • Fighter with no upgrade available
  • Small tutorial explaining how to craft offensive gear w/ gift of a few scrolls.
  • Free daily atlas chest


  • Added to atlas every month/every other month
  • All infra from gold and below is added to storage
  • Starts in bunny slopes for 1-2 months with all other teams who were added to Atlas that wave.
  • Neutral and NML land, 1 “bubbled” aka shielded castle per team, can upgrade all infra as if it’s a level 2 land minus one level, 50% buffs. (Prompt to set up infra from storage with no level loss)
  • Attacks in NML possible (glory - every attack pop-up explains what glory is, where it goes, how to use it)
  • Fighter upgradeable (with a suggestion at level 5 to STOP and research a new prim)
  • Bronze prims can be researched, not upgraded
  • No Atlas Events
  • Small tutorial explaining how to craft all gear w/ gift of a few scrolls.
  • Free daily atlas chest

Post-Bunny Slopes Plat

  • Infra to storage
  • Welcome to the shit show that is Atlas live
  • Players all land in the same neutral area as their team.

Awesome. I just backspaced some questions as your post was updated.

I think this is great. and gonna throw in an @Jonesy so he can torture himself


I am terrible and edit shit as my brain processes >_< sorry

Lol that’s how it goes. The “Awesome.” part was the legit first word of my original post though, not a sarcastic “awesome, just had to delete.” btw


As long as we can get gear material, I think it’s fine
want better gear…


Hear ya. Would love a way to make that happen. I think via this model you only have no poachers in bronze/silver, in those leagues I don’t think anyone would really know what gear is


The catch is scrolls, though, to forge gear. I think Atlas events would be too much to introduce too soon, so I suggested a tutorial with the gift of some scrolls. Oh, need a free daily Atlas chest (we all need a free daily chest)


I’m trying to think of some sort of happy medium, but failing. a free daily atlas chest seems like a no-brainer. I guess they would need to be able to participate in the events, maybe there could be a lower tier event rewards?

Edit: I just had a brilliant idea about scaling league rewards, copyright grinch

Edit 2: jk


Why not giving Gold 1-2 Lv 1(basic) primarch?
Therefore we can think a little…


I hear that too, would you he ok with not being able to earn glory though, and just lose troops?

I think Atlas events would be too much for Gold, honestly. Plat, maybe though in the bunny slopes. Idk.

Fighter is the basic primarch.

Oops… I mean like lv 1 Rusher, Destroyer, etc. so that we can learn about that too when we move to Plat section.
(and any primarch in the section will be treated as lv 1)

That would take glory, lots of gold, etc. That was my rationale. Also, without other teams to use them on, those prims have no effect to the system.

Well those will be our prims for a long time. (speaking for us low lvl) and I don’t see it as fair to stack glory in the training section hence me asking if you’d be ok losing all your troops for 0 gp.

Edit again not you specifically just in general


Honestly, that’s a really good point.

Honestly, as someone in a Gold 1 team who got Atlas in the lottery, the Atlas events were one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of Atlas. Excluding them would exclude 99% of the things that I even do in there.


Could you be more specific, if you wouldn’t mind?

The quests maybe? Which events did you find motivate you? Which seemed out of reach/balanced poorly for your team to earn points? How was the timing for them - too long, short, often, rare, etc? How many in your team participate on average?


And I thought that the progress between lv 1 prim and higher leveled prim will be different (higher leveled prim gets more glory). That’s why I thought it’s fine since the progress of lower tier will be slower than higher tier.
Guess I need to learn more about Atlas…

I need to learn more about atlas too! Learning experience for all. Conversing, not trying to shut you down.


What about if anyone could feel free to research prims, but until they are in atlas can’t earn gp except on fighter?

Edit: “Anyone” meaning anyone within the proposed parameters, I mean.