Atlas Rollout in Sections


This simply wouldn’t work because so many people bounce between leagues. It’s a nice sentiment, but splitting by league for the whole map forever just won’t work.


But people bounce through leagues just to get atlas. If everyone gets it. Only people bouncing through leagues will be just to find a team to be active. And I assume it would be moving in the same league than division.

Like I said just my thoughts. However for being a low level player in atlas now it’s not too hard to get glory or anything. The only problem is I’m never going to attack, so you won’t see me attacking a castle or see me in anything other than my rusher. As for events any level can do it l, and be successful, it is more just how much time do you want to spend on atlas.


People don’t just change leagues to get atlas. League change is a normal thing.

Ideas for keeping everyone on the same map but helping are the only things that will be listened too. They’ve stated many times it will always be a world map.


Then rogue had a good idea to set up land for the new teams so they can own land. Then again I feel like there are teams in atlas already who don’t have a castle yet so that might be a problem for them who don’t have a castle.

Altas really isn’t hard to figure out (at first is very overwhelming) but once you don’t get scared of the sheer size it is fine. Events help out any level, same as with xp base, but before we start trying to add in everyone. I think PG needs to lock everything down first. New Prims, changes every month to how to get glory or how it is added, etc.


UNLESS, a team could enter the very initial phase and progress through to next levels based on meeting certain performance criteria. Regardless of league. That could be monetized.


Why not make atlas a two map section?

Have sapphire-diamond on map 1, and have gold-plat on map 2.

This would destroy the huge gap between having diamond, and gold teams trying to compete together (which imo should not ever happen).

You could have it so that teams who move up from platinum to sapphire would have say a one month grace period to establish theirselfs into sapphire so they can move up to map1, and also they will be given compensation for everything they have established in map2, or even a reward for moving up. Or on the contrary if they get demoted to map2 they will have 24hrs to get ready to move down to map2.

You can have it so map1 has better rewards (more tokens, timers, shards etc) than map2, and that would give people drive to try and get there. It wouldn’t stop teams from sandbagging, but you are goin to get that regardless.

This will give all gold and up teams access to atlas and even out the playing field.


The level of lands, glory mechanics, etc are what should level out the playing field. That should be fixed, not just shove people down by league.


The problem there is teams often shuffle between sapphire and platinum. What would they do in that situation? Keep moving everything between maps? That would be a nightmare. With the rest of platinum gaining access, and 9k castles being opened, it should balance out some. Sure the big teams will go after the 4s and 5s, but there will be enough castles for small teams to get at least 1 or 2 level 2 castles.


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