Atlas RSS pack would be super duper swell

This is a minor pretty much QOL question. Could we have the gold that we sometimes win in the Atlas Bazaar be in the form of a RSS pack? It would give it a bit more value. Otherwise if you’re not at a point where you need gold and you’re not close to having troops to trained because you’re all trained up, there’s times that it’s tough to even store it in a bank if your banks are full or even if it’s just not convenient.

@pgEcho @PGDave


I’m assuming by the silence that this is the worst idea anyone has ever had.

It just means they either didn’t see the question or don’t have an answer yet.

It is a pretty big change, since currently there is no such thing as a rss pack for gold.

In the mean time you CAN…
(1) deposit it into a team bank and ask an officer to give it back later
(2) send it to a team mate who can use it, who will then send you their gold later

I know those things. Those things tend to be inconvenient, though. I never have nearly as much time as I’d like. There’s days where I can do 30 invader runs easy and days where even 3 is a chore. As such, finding enough time to haul in a transfer and then wait is tough.

I do understand the lack of them replying. I just figured I give them a kick to see if i could stir something loose.

Gold packs are definitely appealing. I think we have some bigger problems to solve first, but I want to do this.

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