Atlas’s undying primes

Is anyone else constantly having their dead primes stay with zero troops on a castle, getting no glory chests, and consistently getting kicked out of the game? Maybe related to the rollout and rollback of the lvl80 invader towers? :thinking:


Major gold lag to n saying u have gold n dont then saying u have more gold when urs finally shows but don’t yep

It’s a Tuesday thing. Happens every Tuesday for a few hours.

Still several hours delay on badge chests too. Let’s see if it will resolve itself this time.

Yep, this is really crappy.

Did you actually verify that? This is the 3rd time I’ve experienced this and if it’s actually every Tuesday, then it seems they could identify the issue. This makes atlas basically unplayable.

On our end, it looks like it’s slowly resolving itself, but please keep us posted!

It sucks to have this on the day between events, but i don’t think it’s limited to Tuesdays, as I encountered it during breeding too.

Not verified but last three Tuesdays it’s happened at the same time. Usually last 3/4 hours then goes back to normal. I only know because it’s the exact day and time I like to play

I just did a run to test it and then rebooted twice. Stuck on enemy castle with 0 troops on prim, unable to summon new one. When this is happening, you basically need to wait 15 mins for the prim slot to come back…

Yes, this is the 3rd time for me experiencing this specific issue, and I wondered if it was indeed isolated to a day of the week. I am trying to think, but it seems like about 3 weeks ago is when I first encountered it.

Badge chests from 2 hours ago came in about half an hour back. Chests from one hour ago are still missing, and the number of chests owned randomly jumps up and down (but can’t actually open any, insufficient currency error)

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Our clan just failed a castle raid due to the lag. Everything paused. Attacks didn’t count. Prims sit there with 0 troops and won’t clear. Can’t train troops. Just gives an error.

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We almost lost a conquer lol.

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