Atlas screwed up why not fixed


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Could you please provide more detail? The only thing we have to go off of is the title of the thread. You have failed to supply any additional information, which is needed in order to find a resolution to the issue.


For over two weeks now I have constantly been unable to access atlas costl gnight me lot troops lost rss because I cannot bank and all you have told me is “it’s a known issue with no fix” TWO WEEKS and more ive lost gold , rss , troops I can’t build WHEN WILL YOU FIX THIS


the last two week may be longer I have had issues with atlas screen lockup freeze and cannot play. Regular play is ok but as soon as I click I to atlas it becomes slow glitchy and freezes up. I cannot build or transfer troops, can’t access banks , nor fly invader. I can join other atlas flights but my own wont start. Pg has replied to my help tickets “this is a known issue with no fix. I cant participate in atlas quests etc.


What device are you playing on?




So pg does not care that players experience glitches and can’t play. I didn’t need really expect a decent reply but its ok for them so long as you keep sending thrm money . Well I’m not spending any more and since this is a “known issue” I’m betting other players experiencing it won’t spend either . Good luck with your lost players not spending any More because of your incompetence!


So pg you expect players to just sit back and not Be able to play the entire game because you can’t Be bothered with fixing glitches like me unable Tom play atlas ?? Well your stupidity is pretty high if you think players Just sit back for a month and not access half the game because you cant get code right !!!


You can’t fix glitches that’s keep me from playing atlas incompetence astounds me !! What idiots you must Ben to have a “known issue “ over a monthwithout fixing it

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