Atlas season chests issues

Issue idk why either! fact is i hit guards this morning so i know theres positive @Arelyna and still shows

And not got jack from it either getting IRRITATED with theses bugs

im getting a different bug with atlas chests. I dont get the bonus chest. Made a recording and sent it to support… hope I get my bonus chests I missed out on :pensive:



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Same not getting bonus chest

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Same here, opened up a ton of chests and didnt get a single bonus chest. Reply to my ticket:

I got the same response saying they are looking into it☹️

Oh. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. :see_no_evil: Except I’m also not glad because that means more people are failing to get bonus chest than just me.

I hope this glitch doesn’t infect chest opening in the main game :scream: I had chests I was planning to open for fort.


No idea its irritating tho they need to fit it

Also missing bonus chest

Same here

Currently sitting on a bunch of chests waiting for a fix personally.

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Hey all! Sorry for not saying anything earlier. We have engineers looking into this one.

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They all got routed to bonus golds for me at least. I got a cool 30 free gold chests out of it BEST BUG EVER.


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