Atlas season chests

So I am almost done with with a season branch, and have gotten a few of the season chests. They seem useful and interesting, but there aren’t many available.

Would it be possible to have Atlas chests drop instead of event chests when attacking invaders or primarchs in Atlas? Seems like it would make sense to have Atlas attacks yield Atlas prizes.

Thank you!

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Invader is where like all my bronze chests come from though :see_no_evil:


Yeah, please don’t do this. I need my bronze chests. I rely on those for healing pots and sigils and PVP energy/IF, etc…
You are welcome to ADD Atlas chests and have them drop too, but please don’t take away bronze chests.
The majority of my bronze chest come from invader runs right now.


Realistically they should give Atlas chests in Atlas event prizes, like you get gold and bronze chests in normal event prizes.

Especially since they stopped giving keystones.


:point_up:that’s what I thought!

EXACTLY!!! This!

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The 3 bonus chest that the game gives upon earning 7500 glory should be the Atlas Chest and not Atlas badge chest.


Since only badge chests are handed out for glory it makes sense that the bonus remain badge chests.

Atlas chests should be handed out the way keystones were. In Event prizes and in Packs, etc.


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