Atlas Season gold prizes and gold storage


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OK so I just claimed the 7 million gold prize and I lost the balance of gold I had over my storage limit. I wrote to support and they said, "Let’s start this with the gold you got from the Atlas prizes, I regret to inform you that we’re unable to compensate for the overflowed gold in your storage due claiming an award more than you storage cap." I am very upset because for the life of me i don’t understand why they would do this especially with so many more lower levels in atlas today. @pgEcho can we get a response on this? What is suppose to happen @MareZ states he got the gold balance and I did not. :woman_shrugging: Is it a luck of the draw??? Ticket # 1301163.

I also had an issue where a sync error charged me diamonds for the progress before the sync error. Has anyone else had this happen? This is the response from support, "Now, for the issue with your diamond count, I can see that you used 2200 diamonds in training 8057 new troops due to lack of some RSS and it’s either gold or peasant hats."


Simple solution is the season awards should be gold packs like any other resource reward in main game


Yes!! This is absolutely needed. I have been waiting to collect my prizes until I need them for a primarch leveling event, but I really would have liked to have claimed the elite gear during the last crafting event. Sad that I have to do that. It makes much more sense for PG to give us gold packs we can use whenever we want us like the food and wood packs we have…


I would even be happy with scaling them per level so the 2nd to last gold prize is 75% and last prize is 100%. I hate feeling like I’m not getting what earned and that is what is happening.



I did some tests with my teammates and all who tried confirmed that the excess was never received or recovered - which is just sad. I already included some suggestions in my original post regarding this.

This is where I confirmed with MareZ that excess was just gone:


I digress! Why should it be based on our storage? its not something we are getting from opening chests? We make equal or more effort to get that glory and compensated less than high levels?

If you can’t provide packs, make it so that the pack can fill my gold storage over my storage amount…


I prefer the over-storage amount or packs too this a was just an idea to throw something else out there. As it is right now I feel like I am getting screwed for something I earned this is why I put the 75%, 1000% storage capacity idea out there. Is the percentage of storage the best way to handle this HELL NO!!!


but this is not gambling like chests…
i can never see that as solution


@Aphrodite32 hey, I‘m sorry if my post raised any false hopes that you wouly get an overflow or atleast get thy gold later.
That was really what happened at that time but unfortunately this is outdated, thanks to @XianGui for linking the up to date post.

They are looking into it, let‘y hope for the best.


Maybe we should each just submit a support ticket in the game on this topic until it is fixed.
I just collected the “7 million” gold prize on Swann’s path, however about 1.4 million was lost into the void.
Having nearly half of the next gold achievement prize lost into the void will be unacceptable. Especially as I need to level my Prims.
Either PG needs to lift to gold storage limit, raise it, or just switch to packs of gold for these prizes (which does not help me in terms of the prims that I cannot level due to storage limits, unless using diamonds).


Can’t you use diamonds to fill the rest? A work around maybe but i haven’t tried it

But at the same time, i think that it may be intended to restrict primarch leveling similarly to dragon leveling, need to grow to a higher level to unlock higher level primarchs

They could offer them in 1M gold packs. 7x 1M packs for 7M prize. Then the user can use them at their own discretion


You can indeed upgrade prims whose cost exceeds what you can store by using diamonds. Same goes for the third prim slot

It really sucks that so much gold gets wasted if you can’t hold the prizes though. I think packs would be my preferred solution so there’s no tracking involved


Even with a level 100 storage you cannot hold enough to unlock the third slot. You are pretty close. But that’s a chunk of change you don’t want to get hit while carrying. And, sadly, no way to pull hold from the bank.

So, even if you have the gold, it is not possible to unlock the third slot with spending some diamonds.

But… With the increased storage available to very high levels, your diamond cost can be much reduced from the old days. And with atlas elite, you’re gonna spend way fewer diamonds that I spent rubies.

So, play smart. Don’t be like me. :crazy_face


I was pretty sure that L98 or something could unlock it naturally :eyes:

I misspoke, L100 is over the 30.7M required not 98



I had it in my brain it was 31.7. Oh well. I should have looked.


Should I be saving my diamonds to open the third slot. I can’t imagine a need for it and I sometimes get confused with two.


Definitely open then third slot for primarch. If your team has more than a few castles you’ll need primarchs defending every one. On our team the third primarch is like a float/glory getter. Team sends max gold a player can hold then the player is responsible for the diamonds. Makes a big difference. 15 castles 50 players with 2 primarchs is 6 per castle for regular defense. 3 primarchs per player is 10 primarchs per castle. Just makes it a lot harder for someone to come kill your castle guards and bubble you or conquer if you are in the ‘bubble cooldown’ just my humble opinion:)


At what level does it start to make sense to go for a third primarch? I would have to throw around 33k diamonds at it to bridge the gap between my gold cap and the 3rd slot price, which feels like a lot. And at the same time my low-level base means my primarchs are pretty easily to swat away anyway.


I personally don’t feel like the third slot is extremely useful. You can have a rusher and destroyer/second rusher as your main two for guarding. If you need to use a sieger you pull him out in place of another one, otherwise he SHOULD be exclusively staying in Neutral Zone to prevent heavy troop losses.

The only time it may make sense (in my mind) is for the top players on your team to have a high level taunter they can leave behind when they go on a raid with a trapper and sieger. Otherwise just resummon your primarch and load more troops onto him, getting around the map is easy enough these days