Atlas Season Gold Prizes Exceeding Max Gold Storage


I tried to look for this topic but could not find any. If there is, I apologize for making a double post. And I hope I can be redirected to the post that has the answer to this.

We have a teammate who is working on an Atlas season line and his next prize is 3m gold; however, he is level 90 and his storage can only hold 2.5m gold. What happens to the excess 500k when he claims the 3m gold prize? Is it forfeited? :frowning: If it is, what is the current best approach and may we make some suggestions to make Atlas a little more friendly to lower level players especially now that it has been opened to Plat teams and even Gold teams who will most probably have players who will encounter the same situation?

Proposed short-term solution:
Can these players write a ticket to have the gold credited to the bank instead? I know this might cause some additional effort on support but this is what I can think of.

Recommended long-term solution:
Convert the gold prizes into diamonds of equal value (e.g. 3m gold should be equivalent to 3k diamonds). This will even help the players more because for spending gold (training/reviving troops, researching and levelling primarchs, etc.), diamonds can be used to pay the balance for any missing gold.

Other proposed long-term solution:
Convert the gold prizes into “gold packs” of smaller denominations similar to food and lumber which can be used by the players as and when it will be needed.

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Hey @PGDave and @pgEcho could y’all let us know about this issue?

Personally I would very much prefer smaller packs of gold that can be used whenever we want.

Anyway, to answer your question:
I have tried this on my alt account and the gold isn’t wasted, however it has a very strange behavior.

Iirc, the gold I claimed filled up the gold bar to the max, not showing the rest of the gold I should have received.
I used up all the gold and thought overflowing my capacity would have wasted the gold, but when I restarted the game, the amount that was overflowing my gold capacity then showed up.

So your teammate won’t be able to do a 3m gold prim upgrade but he should be able to use the 2.5m gold and then use the other 500k later on :+1:

(I can’t guarantee it will work this way, this is what I experienced at the time I tested it which was several weeks ago)

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Hello, Marez!

Diamonds can also be used whenever we want similar to gold packs and can be used to “augment” any missing gold. But then again what I posted above is sort of a wish list (depends on PG).

In any case, thank you for sharing your experience! I’ll forward this to my friend and ask him to try. Hopefully, he’ll have the same positive result that you did!

Again, thank you! This is very helpful and I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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That’s true, diamonds would probably be even better as they can be used universally :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, best of luck!

If you don’t want to take the risk and be sure you might want to wait for an official PG response (on the forums, unlikely that the support knows these edge cases).

How about you tell your friend to claim the prize, and report back to us what happens.
Worst case he misses 500k, which is just a couple of attacks.

Player base being used as beta testers yet again :joy:

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Tell everyone the opposite of what happens. :smiling_imp:

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