Atlas season over?

Lol funny story

We are all irrelevant the money men run the game.

When Matt was around he said as much when talking about what his limitations were as a coder.

The game is run by money investors and stake holders. Revenue drives gaming decisions.

Short term churn mechanics with escalating content is quick dollars with little regard to the players investment in the long term. We are nothing when we stop being an ATM……true story….maybe


Unfortunately stuff like this has become pretty standard from them. They tell us one thing but do another. They have a season countdown clock but then end it 2hrs early. They do maintenance in the last 24hrs with a 3hr window to finish things up and then extend the bubbles and take everything down.
A complete lack of communication is SOP for these people.
Apparently #eVeRyThInG_iS sUbJeCt_To_ChAnGe now applies to the start and end times of seasons also. So claim everything immediately because they could just flip the table at any moment. Great business practice there, Pocket Gems.


What they’ve done before:
Updated the regular season timer (reducing the countdown) in the middle of the last day.
Gave the wrong countdown for the last week exotic branch. The countdown was past the 9 PM time change and so when the season tab was removed, the branch was gone too.

This is by far the worst though. They could have simply waited until the season was over before deploying the changes. It wouldn’t have affected the schedule. They shut down Atlas 2 hours before the countdown is over and sent an in game mail after the fact. /smacks head

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Hi guys! No need to worry, the Atlas is down as intended and will come back soon:

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What people are concerned about is that some of us need to claim our prizes and have not been given until the end of the season (as dictated by the timer) to do. How does PG plan on addressing this?

@PGTimber please address this.

No, Atlas is NOT down as intended. Your staff started the deployment before the season ended.


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Very nasty surprise.

Intended? I was about to claim my Atlas prizes and in 30 minutes the season of elusive Atlas will be over. Is it safe to assume that the countdown clock was wrong and autumn season will be extended for 24h ?

Unfortunately, given how long deployments tend to run, I don’t have any expectations that the Darkmire season tab will be back before the deployment is done. It is additional frustration that a PG employee responded to the thread and completely missed/ignored player concerns.

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Im still dancing between “no need to worry” and intended

how can that be “intended”? The event time was running and that should be the staple everyone can trust

I’m sure you’re very busy; I don’t think you read the thread before replying. What people are concerned about is losing access to atlas and not regaining it before the end of the season, thus missing out on claiming prizes with badges. I can understand wanting to coordinate the reappearance of new lands with the opening of the new season but no thought seems to have gone into the impact on the ending of the current season


I’m sorry, but I think the season will be over. If it’s any consolation there are others in the same situation.

I still want to believe there will be somebody reasonable who will know how to fix this huge offense

I think you missed the point entirely. How is it “as intended” when we still had 2hrs 30min left in the atlas season? This also was never announced in game. We had the email about the scheduled downtime on the 5th and 6th but nothing was ever sent out in game about removing atlas on the 7th, much less ending the season early.

Also have you been made our new Community Manager? Will you be answering questions and finding out info for us and should you be the one we tag with questions? I cant recall if you had the CM title before but it has been a hot minute since I’ve seen you post on the forums


@DragonPunch could you please help us ?

No headsup like that in this post… so is that just a sneaky way to cheat out the playerbase who trusted in that post AND the event timer?

Dreadfrost Season Comes To Atlas


I would have easily finished my gear if not for this mess up on PGs part. I hope they decide to give us the 24+ hours they stole of the end of the season!


Now I’m waiting for, sorry the season is over welcome to the new season

This will be the PG response:

We are sorry there have been reports of users having a bad experience with the adjustments that were made to the end of the Atlas season. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring back the previous season prizes. We will try to be better about communications next time.”

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