Atlas season prizes and chest

I am posting here since I was unable to get a satisfactory answer from support.

Chests gained today did not show in my atlas armory until after the event completed, making them unavailable to claim prizes. Numerous sync errors caused a loss of rewards.

When asking support to look into it, they replied that the issue was resolved 30 minutes prior to the end of the event. While that did not occur in my case, even if it had, that is not a sufficient window for working adults to claim prizes.

Can you please look into this situation and contact me at your convenience?
Thank you!

Judging by last season, nothing will be done and those chests are just lost.

It’s a terrible way to handle season endings, but it’s been exactly the same for several seasons now, including the lag in the last hours, and they’re not showing any signs of planning to change anything.

thread already started on this topic

Yes the last hour of season was totally broken. I know there is a big lag to have glory and chests from battle so I used 16k diamonds to collect enough atlas badges and claim the last prize I need. But this was also broken, I got the badges but the game didn t let me claim the prizes. Now I have spend 16k diamonds for absolutely nothing and PG say me this is not their concern

This is a disgusting situation to have occur, not only to me but to many other players. I thought I was fortunate to have sufficient chests credited to my account prior to the end of the season to claim the last tile of a defensive gear line, only to have the Claim hang and not complete. When I restarted the game to refresh the connection, of course the Season was finished and my claim was lost.

I have included all the information in my ticket to PG, including screenshots of the attacks whichever had delayed glory, but have not heard back from them since.

I’m just feeling so flat after the effort I put in. Please PG, honour the rewards our effort should have been given

Please continue the discussion in the thread linked by @MurderBNumbers

Thank you.

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