Atlas Season Roadmap Update Discussion

Silly Rabbit, that means they would listen to players!

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Just switch it to glory event
When the event is on increasing glory payout by 30% and score base on how many glory you get

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@PGEggToken can we get a response to this proposal fiery put out?
It would solve the whole issue with primarch tiers and I personally can’t really see a downside to it.


It’s subjective.
I chose to level up my destroyer slowly, very slowly. That means I’m limited to using sieger most of the time for offensive but that’s the trade off, you see the point?
You can also make use of main game rider to level up to earn event points, spread out the points, etc.

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Isn’t there 4 types of Primarchs?

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Five actually, if you’re desperate, max your fighter as well :wink:


Adding more primarch tiers will only increase the gap between those with access and those without !
Yep they were a bad idea when they were added and adding tiers to them only increases the gap they made between those with map access and those trying to get in or Aquire their first castle on the map! :man_facepalming:
I’m sorry but the combat Mechanics are based on tactical degradation which is hilarious to me the entire map is based around tactical degradation!

Basic game theory here guys either the map is based on degradation or escalation degradation is designed to be played by a limited number of players and is designed to tactically degrade as the match proceeds to quickly produce a winner or a draw
”stagnation “
Tactical escalation is based on long term play and is designed for multiple players
And tactical flexibility increases as the game is played because each piece on the board has equal value and mirrors core attacking in the main game and that’s why the game was set up the way it was to support long term play this map does exactly the opposite!


Agreed, I don’t think a new primarch tier would be good for the game balance, just like new gear tiers would be bad. The prim leveling event needs to be replaced by something that is sustainable, and doesn’t depend on new content coming out.

Something like this would be an excellent replacement, in my opinion:


So until the atlas team tests and implements the shuffle that was “nearly ready” before the extended extended mini season active atlas players get to be unable to meaningfully participate in 25% of the atlas events. That seems sensible.

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A glory event would be amazing as long as it wasn’t during pvp week. Anything to get away from guard swaps would be great!


This got suggested before, remove prim event and make it a gain glory event… Right now active players get punished by Pg for not able to gain rewards.


There is

No wonder you aren’t complaining since you only max 3 :thinking:

All active players have maxed prims for one year now or even longer. Thats a lot of rewards missing, i wonder if Pg wants actice or non active players :thinking:

There are a lot of players that max 4 and have nothing to do as well. Fighter is usually best to keep low as it’s the best way to send troops back to your barracks.