Atlas Season Roadmap Update

The Atlas team has considered a wide range of player feedback around the Atlas roadmap as it relates to the Land Shuffle feature and are committing to the following plan:

  • The current Lotusblossom season will run until September 16th.
  • We’re extending the rider branch with 19 new prizes for claim, which include an additional 500 Blue Rider Shards. This branch does not include a new rider, but the blue shards can be used to purchase riders from previous seasons.
  • A full-length Atlas Season will begin after the end of the current Season, regardless of whether or not land shuffle is ready.
  • Land Shuffle development will continue but will occur at a later date and may be in the middle of a season. We’ll share details of this well in advance so that players can prepare and plan accordingly.

More details about the upcoming Atlas Season to come in a separate announcement post.

EDIT: Season end date is actually Sep 16th. Start date of next season is Sep 17th.


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