Atlas season - Team Glory something is FUBAR

@PGEggToken @pgEcho How does a team gain 6M team glory points in less than 12 hours?

This team wasn’t even in the top 5 until yesterday and now they’re above everyone by over 6M points… and not one of thier members is in top 25 troops built or killed this week or last week.

Before you say submit a ticket, I have… ticket number #1208086

If it’s legit, then maybe an explanation of how team glory is calculated should be better explained to all teams and not just this one.

They are either hacking or exploiting some things which amounts to cheating and according to your rules should draw a quick and decisive punishment.

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I’m looking into it further now.


Much appreciated

@Arelyna 1st rebellion seems to have found the same “exploit” as they have Miraculously joined the rankings from nowhere.

Appreciate your efforts in clearing this up

Thanks for the heads up! I’m working on this, but it will unfortunately take me some time.

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Bhahaha. What do you know Dustlar is there as well and DragonEmpireRU the two teams that had the most unjoinable war banners :rofl:

Over 15M glory in a day :joy:

I’m on one of the teams in question; trust me we’re baffled by it as well. There are tickets in on our end as well, because we don’t want to be accused of cheating. For some reason it keeps going up 400k an hour. All my officers have put tickets in. We were even getting farmed because of it last night.

What are your coordinates? I’ll come help defend you.

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Good to know you noticed it too and are trying to get it fixed. Hopefully it’s a glitch on PG’s behalf and they can resolve it, or someone is hacking glory for atlas chest or something…

We all took notice when you shot to #1 overnight.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis

My team 1stRebellion had same issue… we had probably about 6M 2-3 weeks before, and yesterday i saw somehow it went up , we had no fights, just no man land matches and xp games.

Its probably a bug or something wrong with script . As everybody realize, that teamglory make no sense!

I have a question thats somewhat related. My team has been getting hit really hard over the last few days. We had been constantly fighting since start of atlas season and as a result our influence is way high for our bases. Altogether these attacks have destroyed probably over 1M castle guards over the last couple days. Consequently our influence went…up by 3 spots. Making us an even better target. So my question is do attacks on castle guards give “stealth” team glory, i.e. glory that no one on the team can use (its not “earned” for season chests and prims etc.) but factors into the influence rankings? If so, can I petition that be changed? Essentially right now because we are a target, and are hit hard, we are becoming even more appetizing to glory hunters which is definitely FUBAR in my book. Thoughts?

what Team?

i ask because we’ve been raiding teams lately for glory, but we’re killing a lot of primarch troops too, which would increase your glory earned.

Good question though for PG about castle guards.

@EmrahT, I noticed that your team was also looking to be affected as well. I’ve asked some people to look into both teams already. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update on this issue yet.

@firkraagthered, I’m not sure offhand, but I will try and get you an answer.

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One theory is that the event points packs are somehow affecting team glory perhaps from poacher attacks. Perhaps that’s something you can look at?

Glory earned is not influence. Influence is based on land owned and troops owned and alive. I don’t think Castle guards are factored into the the troops owned portion.

Your influence might be going up due to your team building more troops while under siege? :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you figured out what the issue is and why some teams seem to be getting free team glory at an extremely unnatural rate?

Yes, it was due to a bug on our end. We fixed the bug, and then updated the leaderboards with the proper scores. Everything appears to be in good health now.

Thank you