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So…I know there was a lot of hypotheticals and potentials…but the season is literally over. So, two questions:

What are the ACTUAL team prizes?
When does the next season begin?


I think PG forgot to put dev resources on the prizing. Working too hard on the atlas elite pack.


Team prize = getting to have Atlas next season.

You’re welcome.


Am I missing something or is there just literally zippo as far as word on next season? @PGDave is there going to be a next season? As you know most of our plans revolve around troops and glory so I find it a little unsettling that there has been 0 word (that I can find) regarding the next season. What are we supposed to be doing?


I’m thinking that they’re busy getting ready for the next Atlas rollout, which my gut tells me will be huge.


I dont really think thats reasonble. They are two completely different things. Thats like saying you are really worried about making sure your car gets new tires so you just dont bother making sure the brakes work.

There was a bunch of talk of things that MIGHT happen and then…nothing.


It is surprising PG has not let us know about the new season. Makes one wonder if they even know of if the atlas season was merely a test project to see if we would spend more real money on the game.


lol thats a given, no need for them to announce that.

They just announced it but…

Does this kill dragons attacking your base? Unless it does its pretty meh.

Great and all but basically thats like 3 levels on ONE tower. And no shards or diamonds, you know…Atlas stuff.

I guess like/dislike is relative…but a custom one the team who won could design would have been better…

All in all, pretty much par for course for PG. Lots of fanfare and horribly disappointing. Well, disappointing if you expected anything less I suppose?


No…jokes are funny.


It was always just for bragging rights panda… :joy:


Aren’t you guys so glad you spent $450k…for a statue no one but you can see? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Hey guys, I have a Maserati in my garage, right next to my Bugatti.

What’s that? You wanna go for a ride?

Sorry, I don’t bring them out, you couldn’t take their awesomeness :joy:


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