Atlas seasonal chests

I’d like to suggest a possible new way to open atlas seasonal chests. It’s a daunting task to open up 100’s if not 1000’s of chests. If it possible to have them be able to be opened as in breeding tokens. Hit one button and they go into their projected spots. Ie legendary, epic, common, bonus etc. I think this would save a lot of time for the player which would allow more time in game.


Wouldn’t mind the same for bronze chests either, but badge chests are indeed by far the worst.


While we’re at it, can we please ask for UI staff, to make things actually faster?
Speed is much more important than animation. :pray:


How about completely doing away with atlas badge chests and just letting you spend glory/season on prizes. No chests required.


We all know the prizes average out why not Open All and let it multiply the average by number of chests opened? Congratulations! You got xx badges! Done.

Or do a direct glory to badges ratio… You have a glory indicator, just add a badges received bar underneath and directly put the badges into your inventory each run.

Of course psychologically having chests to open makes sense. We may be annoyed with the mechanic, but human nature dictates a sense of accomplishment by action. The way it is set up now you get twice the sense of accomplishment for the same action. Earning glory… opening chests… spending badges. By skipping opening chests you are removing one sense of accomplishment, making the act of earning glory less fulfilling. We may not be aware of it, but taking away the opening of chests would decrease our overall enjoyment.

Speeding up the process by having an open 30 or 90 would likely be the better option.

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I get the idea, but after the first 200 chests the sense of accomplishment quite quickly devolves into a sense of punishment.

I mean there should’ve been a warning bell somewhere when they made a full season cost about 20.000 chests worth of badges that this would cease to be fun pretty soon…


Absolutely agree! It definitely needs a fix of some kind.

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Opening chests in Atlas when there is only one thing in them does nothing for my reward centers. Just wastes my time. Direct glory to badge transformation would be just fine.