Atlas Seasonal Portrait Bias towards females

Lets take a look at the last 10 atlas riders. ( 2.5 years )

Only ONE is a male ( from 2020! ) Why is there such a huge refusal to make Male portraits?

I have no idea what the stats are on males vs females playing this game but I assume there is more than just me.

And this happens for leaderboard hero portaits as well. 4 females and 1 unisex. Zero male portraits!

Can we at least rotate it M/F ?

Or perhaps offer 2 portraits?

And even # 11 was a female - Sophia.


yea! and they need to up their standards with the maingame potraits too.


I cant believe someone looked at it and said : Yup! this is the one.


For the love of god what even is this .


How do you know any of these are male/female/gender neutral? Have you asked the riders for their pronouns?



lmaooo good one

Valid point I can’t argue with that one!

Someone somewhere lookin at your post :


men are from Mars
women from Venus
any others are from Uranus

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The recent portraits just look horrible


I’m more offended that there is only one cat portrait but there are like 12 different bears. And the cat portrait is a lion! Oh my! We obviously need a tiger and a little dog, too! cackles maniacally

I would say the bias is definitely more towards humans. :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama:


I’ve already posted on this before and I guess it’s my soapbox issue so I fully understand your frustration.

I’m a chick, but even I have to agree it’s illogical to offer something that excludes a good portion of your player base season after season.

There should definitely be a male and female version to pick from (in the least). Or, just make them animals. (Only, then I’d be jealous cause I’ll never get one of these things anyway. I wish they’d sell them for a REASONABLE cost so I could buy them. Putting them at the end of lines or making spending a gazillion dollars over the course of the season will never see me getting one.)


Im not offended by the lack of male portraits I just think its healthy to mix it up.

There doesn’t need to be 5 consecutive male ones to balance the ledger

I would be happy if it alternated.

Even if it was Animal ( but not a bear, I’m ok with a cat ) / Unisex / Female / Male

Maybe a bonus GhostRider portrait for Thanksgiving.


From what I see PG got obsessed with pleasing the women that they forgot men exist in the process. Heck the quality in portraits are beginning to drop since the start of this season. I’m also beginning to think they don’t want to make animal or dragon portraits anymore the only instance a dragon portrait existed was Necryx, there are few bipedal animal portraits for whatever reason.



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And hotdog really didn’t care for him because he was only limited to certain people.

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Dont forget flying monkeys!
giphy (8)

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There are also tons of guys who prefer to use female portraits fwiw lol.

I’m not against PG making more male portraits though. To be quite honest, the art used to be one of the best things about this game but I don’t remember the last time I’ve found it nice looking or interesting. My guess is that PG cut costs in that department, maybe that’s the same reason we only get champion riders now instead of new designs.


Honestly yeah. There’s a lot of really good portraits that are both male and female, I have the witch finder portrait rn because I think it looks cool lol


You mean like Tanok and Lorenzo’s portraits were offered at the same time?
I dont see any imbalance with atlas (in terms of portraits), the defensive rider is male and offers a male portrait and the gear portrait is female, offering 2 portrait options like you’re asking for. Same with next season, Bjorn’s portraits will probably be offered alongside the Blake portrait.

Leaderboard yes has been female portrait heavy. Personally I’d actually like to see some more non-human portraits for the leadboards. We have plenty of human male and female portraits so lets get some dragon or creature portraits.
Also we still haven’t gotten that Burlok portrait from the unchained leaderboards

The portraits for this regular season are all pretty meh and disappointing.

Edit: And I still say Anik is a male portrait and he is a very good looking portrait. Anima Evode is androgenous and could be meant to be male, female or non-binary


Starts out looking like a little girl with a spear, but what she turned into in 3rd portrait :worried::woman_shrugging: Glad to have this one, as none of the other ones yet have got me to say, Oh wow! Got to get me that one! :roll_eyes:

pfff, it’s called a family