Atlas Seasonal Portrait Bias towards females

These ones are pretty cool!

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Pssssssh clearly you havent played enough RPGs XD dont you know the bigger the sword the stronger it is? Which then makes the weilder stronger as well.

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Yes we are my good sir cause why not? :joy:


The portraits do not look enticing at all. Taken from horses’ mouth, there’s no incentive to compete for leaderboard as therewards look crappy.


Yes, I know. I’m the person to complain about all of those things. :grin:

If you’re asking for people to compete for something, it should be something people want. Thankfully, personally, I haven’t wanted any of the leaderboard portraits so my bitching has been at a minimum.

But, there is absolutely no chance of me ever getting one of the higher-tiered portraits. In a game where people spend so much, I simply can’t ever compete with that.

People will go above and beyond the last prize in fort and breed, so the scale is always going to be in favor of those who (IMO) are silly enough to continue without any potential of prizes. Going as over-the-top as they do for a leaderboard “package” is crazy to me.

When I used to play GOW, they’d sell portrait packs for 9.99. There were like 20 portraits in each pack and they had tons of collections (items, animals, males, females, mixes, themes, mythical creatures, Halloween, etc) to attempt. I’m confused why we don’t have something similar.

There are so many problems with the portraits. Oftentimes, it’s not even worth it acquiring them because we’re all so starved for new and good ones that everyone ends up using the same one. What’s the point of using the new one if it’s all you’ll see everywhere? Having a ton of options, and making them available to everyone, would allow more diversity; and, generate more revenue for PG.


Did you make those yourself?

oh no no lol. idont do digital arts . just normal pencil sketches

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Oh my bad XD

Excuse me but I’ve kept mine for a good few years. :rofl: And if I change it to something new it lasts for a solid day before it’s back to normal.

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Well, yeah… same! Haha But, that’s my point, I got the zombie chick who was pretty sweet, but so did everyone else and their mother.

So, even if I could pull myself away from my Demon; or, you from your Glowst-- what’s the point? There’s unlikely to be any individuality with a myriad of twinsies running amok!

It’s not a valid complaint but it’s still a stupid one that people come up with all the time. That they need to take the money they’re paying for artists and hire more engineers

A lot of people dont actually care about the perceived gender of a portrait, just if it is something they think looks good or not.

Except it’s not 4 portraits. You have the atlas portraits, the season portraits, the leaderboard portraits, the limited branch portraits plus other portraits here and there for special occasions. There are more than enough portraits out there for people to find something they like or they can use an older one. My main has been using the same portrait for 3 years. I’ll occasionally change it temporarily when one comes out that I like but I always end up switching back to my favorite. Unless they ever release more dragon portraits then that one will probably be the one I always use.

I dont think it matters because there are plenty of portraits available for everyone. Im neither happy or upset about it but I do think the complaint is a bit foolish.
Personally I’d like to see more dragon portraits instead of worrying about if there are enough male or female ones and I care more about Atlas constantly getting defensive riders than I do about the portrait offered.

I will not care about any portrait until we get a chunk :chunk:and/or axi :axi: portrait
I do hate the imps though