Atlas Seasons Repeatable Chest Price Reduction

Greetings Dragon Lords!

With the launch of the Springblossom Atlas Season, we introduced a repeatable chest at the end of the seasonal lines similar to the repeatable gold chest in the main game’s seasons. After some careful consideration, we have decided to reduce the cost of the repeatable chest to 2000 Springblossom Badges, down from the current 5000. This change will go into effect today, May 6th.

For any players who have already claimed these chests, they will receive Atlas Chests based on the difference between how many they’ve already claimed at the old rate and how many they would have at the new rate.


while I appreciate the attempt at making slightly better I still personally do not appreciate a 100 percent increase from the previous season. Therefore I will continue to pace myself to do just enough to finish and no more… it’s still about greed in my eyes…hopefully one day your accounting department will realize…but I doubt it


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