Atlas server connection issue



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Can we have solution for this error as it is now more frequent after last update? It spoils the fun during active atlas attacks and one ends up losing lot of troop and more atlas war attacks. Nowadays this error pops up even during simple navigation within atlas menu options. Instead of releasing new season dragon, have some discussion with your Dev team to fix these atlas basic lag, disconnection issues.


You know, there is no “instead” needed. As far as I know different dev teams are working on new Dragons or features, Atlas, … And bug bashing.

It requires different skills to create something and repair something, even though you may be able to do both it’s usually more efficient and faster to specialise teams.

I noticed however that I had to try several times to get into Atlas, got the error that my device couldn’t set up Atlas. It had happened before but never 5 times in a row (I suppose I should reinstall soon sigh). I obviously went through the usual cache wiping routine :sweat_smile:


The problem gets worse as Atlas activity increases. I suspect it is a hardware/infrastructure problem on their end - they simply don’t have the server capacity and processing power to handle the load.


And that’s sad state :slightly_frowning_face:
One does not have to reinstall and cache clean to get in to the game.
The plan seems to move atlas in main game or rather make it main game, then I would hope that all these lagging issue gets solved first.


Please close this thread. I have highlighted this issue in bug bashing thread.

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Thread closed by OP request.


Different teams work on Atlas issues and seasonal dragons. That being said, we are investigating ways to improve Atlas lag, connection issues, and other Atlas performance issues.