Atlas shards in Gold Chests

When did this start happening?

I’m sure Atlas shards are very useful for people who spend a lot of time in Atlas but I have no interest in receiving them in my gold chests.

Pretty sure it’s rider gear shards in bronze chests which will help everyone with or without atlas. Unless there’s something I haven’t heard of yet. :man_shrugging:

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There is no crafting shard to be found in gold chests.


It didn’t. Only in bronze chests.

Not really, the amounts are tiny for people with Atlas. The chest drops are specifically there to allow people without Atlas to craft gear.


Any proof of this happening?
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Hey I barely spend a million shards a week, I’m sure people will catch up to that with their 200 shard drops in no time…

Use 2k bronze chests and got about 10k shards… woo I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl: but small step in right direction

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Emphasis on small… To be fair they’ve said there will be more sources of shards coming for people without atlas, which will hopefully be a bit more reasonable. But the 200 shards are pretty sad, even 1x 30% base HP boost feels more useful.

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When high lvl gear takes 45k :laughing:

Literally I said “with the amount right now” .
It’s not even enough to craft one set legendary gears, even with taking one rider branch.
Try compare it with Atlas player, which can easily get at least 20k shards / week of each element with low to moderate grinding (F2P).


I’m talking about Atlas event (about 10th prize each week, usually more during gear crafting, and less during levelling).

It’s not that hard to get that amount (got myself 23rd prize this event)

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I get final prize every time except prime leveling… that’s hard >.>

but you said per week so I was thinking about all the beast hits you need to do to build troops every 2 hours 13 minutes 20 seconds = 10.8 times per day, 75.6 times a week, you’d get more shards from that just on your gold runs


Lol. There are 2 events / week in Atlas…
Also, I’m talking from lowly no castle Atlas team.

Neutral zone, not sure how much you get for beasts there and with 0 bonus… but i think it might still give it a run for its money :smiley:

Pg need to do something with the beast Shard payouts… it’s just… Sad.
They need to increase the amount of shards you get per beast run & it shouldn’t go down every time you attack.

No photographic evidence unfortunately but I vividly remember thinking to myself, “Why the absolute Fudge am I getting this pile of Shard in a Gold chest”. From memory I think the amounts were 2.4k, maybe 3.4k.

Really need to start taking photos of my chest drop
Please double check here for Epic and Legendary drop (since you said Gold Chest), and I can prove you otherwise.
As mentioned by many, gear shards are available only on Bronze Chest’s common drop

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If it was during fortification I would think that maybe fire or ice shards were mistaken to be atlas shards, but there’s nothing in the pvp golds that could be mistaken for atlas shards really…