Atlas - should any form / request be filled to get an access?

Hi all,

May be stupid question, but anyway )
I saw the post that Atlas will roll out soon on Sapphire 3 and most part of Platinum 1.
At the same time, the guy from other clan has asked me - have you filled the form on official site? First time hear about that. Should that be done in addition, to get to Atlas?


That was only done with the original rollout of beta, you’ll get it automatically if you’re in sapphire 3 or above, and have a chance to get it in platinum 1


Ok, I see. Thanks!

My team is over 6 weeks in sapphire league and still don’t have acces to atlas, and the worst some players don’t want to join us just because we don’t have it! Just wonder this will happen because last time I saw the roll out should be end of feb and beginning of march and it didn’t happen. Now some players are about to leave because of the uncertainty, I see things here and I share with the team and now all this doubts around atlas, I fear this will cost me some players. :confused:

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There was the topic recently, where PG mentioned, that rollout to Sapphire 3 and part of Platinum I will be near the end of March / beginning of April. Just wait.

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