Atlas Shrines? Still happening?

Are shrines still planned to happen with the land shuffle?

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Is the land shuffle happening with the land shuffle?


These are the real questions

At least last I heard, the plan was:

  • Shuffle
  • Sieges/Crusades (Some indeterminate amount of time later)
  • Shrines (Some indeterminate amount of time after that)

But shuffle has obviously run into more than a few issues.

And more than a few players, myself included, have been deeply frustrated at how PGEggtoken seemed to ignore or brush aside the deep, obvious issues with his plans for shuffles. Galileo at least has a better record of communication, so there’s hope there, but let’s hope that he’s able to put a stop to some of the more egregiously flawed changes before they’re deployed.


At every possible opportunity pg has doubled down on the reshuffle. However, they have also extended the deadline indefinitely? I’m not sure. They also said, shrines won’t happen until after the reshuffle. I would assume shrines won’t happen until mid to late 2021 at the earliest.


At this point I’ve completely lost all hope and given up in any new major atlas features.

Seeing the former posts about land shuffle and shrines make me numb, a solid proposal on paper but like a lot of it dead before it even arrives.

Our timelines for shuffle alone are either next month or 2021. You decide. :rofl:


There’s also COVID to take into consideration. I’m sure it’s extremely hard on PG to actually coordinate and get things done in a timely manner. However, promising to have something done, and then extending it, giving vague outlines of when it may or may not be done is highly suspect. I think at this point most if not all of us have lost faith in PG.


I COVID has played a big part in it because PG announced this was happening and while the proposal was still being done, states started locking down and social distancing started playing a part. Depending on what’s needed, it’s hard to do things from your house via remoting into the office. Don’t get me wrong, I would have liked to see something addressing the entire shuffle that wasn’t vague (and maybe it’s there and I missed it) but, I don’t know anymore. COVID has screwed a lot of things up.

I’d say they have at least produced something they can show us even if it’s subject to change because at this point we all feel strung along anticipation has long ago become apathy! :man_facepalming:

I agree. I think Galileo (PG) should have came out with an “official statement” regarding the reshuffle and it being put on hold, for lack of a better term. However, they didn’t, and that makes it a little harder for me to believe them.

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I do have to agree with this. It’s also a lot harder to get work done if you keep getting kicked off your connection with your computer in the office when the VPN connection software decides to act up :see_no_evil:


Don’t get me started on VPNs and zScaler and working for a state agency… :joy:

But to keep this on topic… I think we also need to remember that there’s a lot of new faces around the PG office and they didn’t have a lot of time to establish that strong rapport that comes from a good session around the conference room table and BS sessions at the cubicle later. Productivity is guaranteed to take a nosedive in a situation like that. I think they’ve been very good about giving us fair warning lately when impending changes are going to occur (Thank you @PGGalileo ! ) so I’m not worrying about it til they make some solid plans and introduce them to us.

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