Atlas Shuffle Unanswered Questions (and what we do know about it)

There are still a lot of unanswered questions and confusion about the upcoming Atlas Land Shuffle. I went through all the posts made by PGDave and PGNines on the following threads to find what had been answered and what is still unclear. I only looked at the highlighted posts by employees so this doesn’t take into account other questions anyone on the forums may have asked and were not answered.

I gave my 25TA a list of what we do know from these posts and what questions I was hearing or still had myself. They helped to expand on it and elaborate what their concerns were.

@PGDave @PGNines @PGGalileo
We would really appreciate answers to the questions that are either confusing or answer has not been given before you release the shuffle. As in within the next week. Those of us that are on the forums need time to disseminate the information to teams without a forum presence so they can prepare too. One week is NOT enough time to prepare.

What We Do Know

  1. Every castle will be no more than 2 hops from a neutral/nml zone.
    a. No more super safe castles

    b. Expect a third of the map or more to be neutral. Access areas: 
         * interspersed with nml or neutral lands OR 
         * a large ring around the entire map of neutral zone with some nml 
            between neutral and ownable land.
         * some combination of the two

    c. Proposal has no neutral or nml inside of a 5ta area. No donuts.
  1. The map will be changed at the start of every season.

This is assumed to be randomized based on 5ta cluster.

  1. All of a team’s castles will be clustered together
    a. The castle tiers and shard type will remain the same

    b. Every castle will be its own region/area.

    c. A team’s “higher” castles will be closer to the center (ie: safer).
  1. A 5ta will be clustered together based on the STRONGEST team in the 5ta.
    a. Thought process per PGNines: “To build a sense of territory control and 
         ownership as well as to increase the importance of the 5TA’s territory.”

    b. Each 5ta will have a territory roughly a circle on the map, with each team 
         getting a slice where all their castles will be.

    c. There will be no “enemies”, non-5ta, castles inside this cluster.

    d. 5ta groupings will be placed near each other (assumed by power?)

        * Higher power will be closer to the center of the map
        * Lower power will be towards the outside edges
  1. A conquered or surrendered castle will not be moved until next shuffle.

If you conquer a castle or get a castle through a surrender, it will remain where it is. If you hold it until the next shuffle, it will be moved to your castle groupings.

  1. The shuffled map will have more even travel times across the map than it is now.

  2. At the start of the season, there will be a time (at least 24 hours) where pvp will be disabled to give teams time to study the map.

  3. No changes to how infrastructure or how castles work with the shuffle.

  4. No changes to conquering mechanics.

  5. No changes to land tiers, tributes, or other advantages/disadvantages of castle ownership.

  6. No change for teams that do not have any castles or pirates.

What We Don’t Know (or Is Confusing)

  1. Are shard types now by castle or by land?

This is honestly a bit confusing and needs to be cleared up as the terms land kept being used but then each castle is its own land. Does this mean that each region will have only one castle but the land still determines the shard type?

Will we still be able to identify land types by tapping on the land or turning off team color? (Assuming yes but would like verification it isn’t being changed.)

  1. What will access castles look like?

How far will any castle be from a neutral zone?
If a castle is adjacent to nml, will there be a neutral zone on the other side of that nml?
Will there be any area like the northern continent where there are no neutrals for a good expanse? (Thus making it harder to reload to get to said castle.)

This is honestly a point that a lot of teams are stressed about with so little information or confirmation. There is huge difference between an access castle in the north where the closest neutral is far away and one in the south where the nearest one is much closer. Confirmation on what exactly we can expect will help teams decide what they need to do.

  1. What is considered a team’s higher castles?

Is it by infrastructure built? By land tier?
This really needs to be told as to how the castles will be grouped so if a team wants to drop castles they can do it before the shuffle if they want.

  1. What percentage of a team’s castles will be accessible (next to nml or neutral)?

If a team has 1 castle, is it guaranteed to be an access castle? If a team has 10 castles, will they get 2, 5, or 8 access castles? What combination are we to expect here?

  1. Will you be placing a limit on how many castles a team can own?

Right now the castle limit is 50. The plan to put it down to 25 was withdrawn some time ago. Will that be instated with this shuffle? It would honestly be a perfect time to do it and it makes sense. The max bonuses you can get with 25 castles and only top 20 are counted towards season anyways.

  1. Is 5ta grouping still going to be roughly circular or has that changed in development? How will they be identified if any?

Will there be like mountains/water around each grouping? Will it be individual islands of 5ta surrounded by neutral and water? Will it still be a large map where one area bleeds into another (large continent type) just separated by nml/neutral?
Basically what type of map are we to expect?

  1. What happens to beasts that spawn on areas and give shards based on land type? Any changes?
  1. Are the mines going away on ownable regions?

Personally I’ve got in my head a visual from games like Civilization where the map is a bunch of hexagons and one feature per hexagon. In this case, it is just the castle surrounded by a bit of land for primarch landing. This also means no space for the mine or many beasts actually. Which can be disconcerting. Would like some clarification.

  1. Any changes to Passage?

  2. Any changes to changing a 5ta?

Want to verify this is not planned please.

  1. Any changes on how many teams will be allowed on a castle to fight?

This will be huge change for planning if it will just be dropped on us.

  1. Will there be more unowned castles added?

Currently there are a set number of ownable castles. Last report was that would be no change for teams without castles so no land grab, but would like to verify this is still the case. That will not be any new land grab for people to fight over.

Edit: To go with #2 and #3, these were made up by someone during our discussion of the possibilities we could see as to how the castles might get laid out per 5ta. Any confirmation/clarification will be greatly appreciated. This does assume that the “higher” castle are actually the land tier castles.

The blue arrow indicate roads to nml/neutral maybe?


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I hope they’ll actually open a conversation about even the “what we know” part, as the justifications for the 5ta cluster are still weak and the effects could be very big, especially when it comes to conquers. Thanks for making this thread!

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I’m also a tad worried about limiting teams on a castle. What if a d1 5ta decided they need a t3 x element to give to a minion and takes from a s1/2 team for still 60%-75% glory and their d2 teams can’t come to help. Will just encourage d1 to dominate and take at will due to limited teams able to defend.

I’m excited to see this after the bugs have been squished (so maybe a month after launch)
I’d love to see how the ratio of owned castles to access castles works out. And watch major alliances this first season sweat as they can’t give access castles away yet. Or more to the point join 5ta with mini teams to give them access castles before land swap then switch back to normal 5ta after in order to have 0 access.

There seems to be a lot of worry about this proposed change. Assuming it’s glitch free the only thing that will most likely change are the teams hidden 5 bubbles deep will have to fight more often. I don’t see much reason to be concerned the same concept in atlas is there. Kill enemies take castles have fun

Yea kinda seeing the same thing

@PGGalileo @PGJared When do we get ANY answers on WHAT will happen in atlas? I am trying to not get super mad here, but you tell us you are REVAMPING one of the biggest parts of the game, then for weeks we get NOTHING.
We are now stuck in a POINTLESS short season, with the promise of it will be better, when your track record for events has been anything but.
I am trying to stay on your side, trying to keep calm, but when you can’t have a successful launch of an event that has literally going on since the beginning of the game (fails in breed and oh so many others). HOW do you expect us to sit back and have faith.
Has the TESTING been successful? Is everything crashing and burning? Are you going to launch on time? How much down time can we expect (my personal fave, Anyone remember the last atlas revamp, atlas down for over a week?)? Will you have another pointless atlas season cause “Its just not ready”?

When do you give your customers ANSWERS?


This is one of my biggest concern

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This season wasn’t pointless tho, PG was just going to extend the last season, but with so many players that finish every season like myself, would of had nothing to do, which would of made extending last season pointless for most active players. They actually helped players, by going with the idea proposed by players, to have a new season till it was ready, so everyone could get prizes.

Why, would just give players longer to get prizes from this current short season they gave us so players could earn good prizes. While we wait, if extended alot of players would probably appreciate it over, implementing too early and breaking entire game. That’s my biggest concern.

New castle being conquered and not moved closer to our 5ta until next shuffle.

How are we supposed to protect and keep if the safe zones or NML are going to be the only option and spaced out by area of owned 5that’s . Seems this is going to pose a problem with keeping a castle that you conquered unless your attacking other 5ta’s near you.

Also what about these crusades and attacking anonymously. Does that mean the team we choose to attack won’t know we attacked them so not to retaliate or is it completely anonymous on both sides?

WE WOULD LIKE ANSWERS, NOW PLEASE. Or suggestions from ppl here on what game we should try next.


Can I please ask that we do not bring Crusades/Sieges/Shrines into this discussion? We know that it is not in development yet and I suspect will not be seen for 6-12 months. I would like to not have people confusing shuffle with something that won’t happen any time soon (if at all).

I think the whole point was they wanted neighborly rivalry by placing 5tas of similar power near each other? :woman_shrugging: :woman_facepalming:

I was kinda hoping for some answers by now. Even just some simple yes and no responses is better than nothing…

YOU fight!

Come join me on Call of duty mobile, it actually works all the time. I’ve almost given up fully on this game. Snack aka Smokey

The cluster idea can be a big change when it comes to conquering.

Hey all, let me see what our plan is for information release. I haven’t really been in on Atlas discussions, so I don’t have a ton of info - otherwise I’d be more forthcoming about what’s up!


Honestly I am less concerned about shuffle specifics as I am about how it’s gonna go down glitch wise …

I mean …

Last 3 events have been BROKEN

Long term events - BROKEN.

And we’re just supposed to have faith this will go relatively well?



I mean, yeah - kinda. Even if we say we’ve got it all under control, you just have to hope that we do. Hope or faith will have to be a part of your internal game plan either way! I’m still trying to figure out if I have any info that will ease your concern a little, though.


No, you don’t, we all know that, but we would like to know some info, on the revamp your working on.

We all know its going to be broken, but how broken and if will be fixable is the concern, most probably have.

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