Atlas Shuffle Unanswered Questions (and what we do know about it)

Why bother with that if I can take all the castles from a much lower 5TA without as much troop loss and issues?
Imho, this encourages hitting way down for conquers :woman_shrugging:


People already do that. What’s your point lol

Oh, I agree with you about that. That’s fact. What I was commenting on was your concern and suggestion that I modulate my tone to fit an individual expectation of what “Serious” and “urgent” sound like. I understand where you’re coming from with that, as I mentioned. If someone were glibly deflecting concerns that I had; I might take issue with it, too.

However, my approach is very measured and I give careful thought to even my most care-free sounding messages; that’s not to say I don’t make mistakes (!) but my intent is to speak to you all like a thought-partner, and not patronizing or the robot thing I mentioned earlier - seems to be going well so far :crossed_fingers:


Stick to what you’re doing. I think all of us have submitted at least 1 ticket throughout our war dragons career. And I for one get sick to death with the same response over and over when support actually don’t bother reading what you’re saying. So 1 ticket turns in 5 responses untill they actually bother to read it properly.

Half the time I just think they are hoping you get bored and give up on the ticket so they don’t have to work for their wages.

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So it’s better to encourage that instead of discourage? Greta gameplay strategy.

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@PGGalileo - First off you personally have restored some faith in my eyes of PG, they hired you! You have one of the hardest jobs in the company, keeping us happy. Thats no small feet, while others do not reply, you are the most active on the boards! For that I commend you.
You said

Can you make someone from the Atlas team, JOIN the Atlas discussion with the customers they are trying to make happy?
This is of major importance to me and most my teammates (I do report back to my team), if you can’t speak for the Atlas team, have them join us here and speak for themselves.
If things are going in a direction that PG is happy with, they should be proud of the work. The only reason to be radio silent on the revamp of Atlas is that its not going well, or it will not be ready when promised and they have to back track (or worst have another short season) :man_shrugging:

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unsure where you got the idea to think that pg wants us happy. :thinking:

PG is far behind the number of sorry about that’s and has never really even said sorry well to begin with or make appreciation of the players that continue to keep their jobs alive

  1. We’re doing our best to try to plan for as many things as we can, but it’s not realistic to be able to simulate the movements of hundreds to thousands of Atlas players in a test environment. We do have a suite of test cases that we run through to make sure at least the core functions of movement, attacks, infrastructure management, etc. do function.
  2. As touched on yesterday, it’s still a bit too soon to give specifics on some of the land shuffle features. You can be sure that we will be telling you more in the weeks to come.
  3. Testing, we are. Every day. The test server only has a few teams and alliances on it in its previous state, so we’re trying to clone over some players’ games to populate it with more entities. Don’t worry, this server is entirely separate from what’s on live.

TBH with how things are globally and your teams not able to work in offices as closely as you once were, why not move this features rollout to the following season. By then, hopefully, world should be back to some semblance of order and your teams can work more closely together in the office on it.
With evidence of Kingdom Wars update then breeding event issues, the community is worried that such a big undertaking of a core element of the game is going to crash the game altogether. Giving your teams more time to hammer things out and give a nice polished/fully tested update would be beneficial for all.


Then maybe it should be beta in the top 100 teams remove them from current atlas and make them a mini atlas mock up of your plans …

They did that before when Atlas was first introduced. There was no total reset of Atlas then. So you want them to do it again?

However, I will disagree about just the top 100 teams. There is a lot of problems when you go further down the power chain. You won’t start seeing some of them until you go all the way down to the 700 power level probably. What they should do is copy Atlas as it is, put it on the test server, and then test it will ALL of the castles and ALL of the teams to make sure that if any incongruencies can be found and dealt with, then run again to make sure it doesn’t reappear. And no, us mere players will have no access to it, just simulations testing the shuffling algorithms.

Next season was and is the goal. This is why we had to create a mini-season in the interim. I don’t think the world will be back in a state of normalcy for a very long time, so we’re going to all be working remotely for well into the later half of this year.

I just wanted to chime in on that. And now, I’m going to work on that Land Shuffle information I promised to poke the team on. Look forward to it later today!


Thank you, it would be greatly appreciated. Also take my words I just posted on the other thread with a grain of salt. I’ve been fielding questions on this all day so I’m a little on edge.

You see where the problems are, you engage with the community, and most of all you’re being very transparent. I like seeing that :blush:

Can’t wait to see what your team has planned.

Understood. These are some strange stressful times.
these are my angry eyes


Haha funny you should mention movement etc… right now, people are having a horrible time moving their prims for team raids, runs aren’t counting (not just lagging) the prims are still there. Hell even attacks on guards aren’t counting… and all of this before you’ve even messed with it… I guess it’s one of the usual update glitches but it’s ridiculous… why should we even bother ?


Well I can tell you this test case is a pos. Because Atlas lag in all these areas was at an all time high today.

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Part I of the Land Shuffle Preview can be found here. I’ll be closing this thread now to reduce redundant threads and so that we can move the conversation over to the discussion thread.