Atlas shut down

Because the update made it so people cant attack or defend and it’s not fair for you to be able to hit their castles and troops without them being able to respond at all.

Im sure they’ll extend the season by a day or however long it takes to fix things, they usually do when we have issues like this at the end.


Oh gezzz that would be awful :scream::scream::scream:

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Atlas 101, never try to finish a season or season content on last day. Or plan with it in generell. People playing for few seasons know this aint a good idea :upside_down_face:



PvP ends early every atlas season, and every season people complain about not being able to finish their mythic gear


Can someone tell me where the atlas new season announcement?
Wasted the last 15 mins searching but nothing

The announcements section is where you find stuff like that in general:

In this case you want this post:


Noooo I’m ready for the new season to start.


@PGGalileo Is the atlas season going to be extended at all because of the downtime yesterday? Many people are at work for the next 5hrs and missed out on being able to participate yesterday after the update went out.

Also will we be receiving an extension for atlas elite since we couldnt use it to do gold runs yesterday?

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I can ask!


Please do since the atlas season is supposed to end in a few hours. Thank you

Ok, no plans to extend the season.


That’s disappointing to hear. It doesnt affect me but I’ve got a couple friends who will end up missing out on completing their season lines because they couldnt attack last night. Not because they didnt have time but because yall’s update broke the game

Do you know if any kind of compensation is going to be sent out for missed egg missions and lost atlas elite?


We are sending out compensation this week but not for those things explicitly.

Atlas is acting up can you please shut attacks off until it is resolved? We can’t defend, there are black screens and weird rollbacks with chat

It’s just lag on my end and frame issues, pretty much loading issues.

Black screen when I try anything in Atlas.

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I’ve been getting a black screen in Atlas and raised a ticket. If I try to access any castle, events tabs it goes black


And they do it when you need access to resources and it’s easier to level Jew dragons with. Bunch of damn Idiots who can’t fix anything

Ok so it’s just not me getting the black screens when you clik on manage/ castles etc
I tried the hard reset, worked ok for a bit now doing it again

I am presuming right now someone borked a URL endpoint. I hope when the team gets in in the morning they can fix, I would assume its a server-side issue that should be easily resolved, so…

Don’t panic people!