Atlas So Broken

REVISITING ATLAS CURRENT FEELS. nothing new , still imbalanced.

Conquering castles/land.

I know there is a thread about that anti grief, but the experience is totally horrible especially if theres really no one to help you or is willing how ever they know they cant do shit about the attackers.

I post this in general discussion because its an info that should be known to all players.

1. If you dont have a A big team more like a d1 team or a d2 but d1 caliber in your alliance, everything is BS in your alliance.


If your team is like a plat1 team with s3-s1 , or with a typical d2 team type of alliance with few spenders. You get attacked by a top D1 alliance, How do you defend? They have should have atleast a million troop prepared to attack you and thats just 1 team , how about 7 big teams effin your castles with topdogs lvls ranging from 250 - 500 + with neptus and destar dragons. Will your alliance help you? Sure if they want to give away GP , no problem. Shields will keep you alive for maybe few hours or few days but again if youre in the lower part of the food chain, youre as good as dirt.

2. “Ok , lets stay away , far far away from top dog’s castle so we will be around team’s in our league yadda yadda yadda.”

For those who might have not thought of this or for those who doesnt have atlas yet and thinking about this idea helllooooo!!?? They can just set those safezone castles near your turf as home and build their troops there then after maybe 2-3 weeks conquer all your land.

3. Waste of troops inside castles.

Defending castle has a Player that has 600k troops distributed in castles. All lost without even getting GP from it because his primarch isnt in the castle and wasnt able to put/summon a primarch cuz hes asleep. Revive option? Oh wait, ITS CAPPED ( capping it is okay, but getting nothing in return after building hundreds and thousands of troops?) FRUSTRATION, more like “I QUIT! Type of situation”.

4. Is it okay to lose castles from conquerors?

ABSOLUTELY!!, as long as theres a gating mechanism so it wont look like your team is being bullied!

How do you do that tho? Any team can have lvl 500 player that spends , and can just trash lower tier teams in atlas.

So many technicalities that it comes to a point that it looks like it can never be balanced.

In my perspective , atlas is more like a playground for top alliances, because they remain untouched. Their only problem is , if they are engaged By another top dog. Well that is a balanced atlas fight tho. Everything else is or can be like “ ah lets take this land we need this element for materials” , “oh I like this spot lets take this land”, “theres a person in that team that I dont like, lets take their castles” . Im not saying these are the top team’s way or grounds of taking a castle/land , what im trying to say is , they can pretty much get any castle that they want except for the other top alliances(they can but it wont be that essy).

And for those who doesnt have atlas yet,

Efficiency wise ,a player can build atleast 2400 troops a day , multiplied by 50 players thats 120,000 troops a day, thats how much you guys are missing a day , even if we say fhe team is lazy and only building 50000 troops a day, still thats 50000.

And for those who doesnt see the importance of atlas yet, again you can get more tokens from atlas alone vs your daily token payout in teamhall after meeting token based mechanics in atlas. And this is just 1 of the benefits of atlas.

This is me voicing out. This is how I see atlas.



Ever heard of constructive criticism? If you hate it so much why not give suggestions of how to improve the things you don’t like?


Maybe i posted this because Im seeking for a solution?

It sounds like you should read some more about the antigreiving technicalities that are being added with the 4.15 update coming


Ive followed that thread about discussion that led to the anti-grief mechanism discussion, ive even posted my idea about it, but just like league based war mechanics, a team with 1 lvl 500, vs a team bunch of lvl 200’s is in alsense unwinable. Same goes with a team in atlas with lvl 500 with a million troops that cashes out and instantly revives troops. And even if they put a gating mechanism on just like how a lvl 300 cant take alot of rss from a lvl 200, theres always a way like a lvl 200 on offense with 50000 troops on a sieger will take down a lvl 300 with 50000 troops on a rusher(setting aside the primarch def atk technicalities) .

Edit:Im checkinng if i could find the notes of 4.15 update


I am also bummed to be forced into a late start in the type of game that Atlas is. Hopefully they can figure out a way to prevent the issues you have voiced. It is nice to see they are working on making it a better experience for lower strength teams and newcomers.

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I know is kind of stupid that a single person can go against a team of 50 simply cuz they don’t anyone high enough to fight back. During fort and feeding event, high level players sit their rushers at our castle and we gotta wait until they get bored and leave or ask nicely and see if they leave us alone so we can go on transferring resources back and forth from the atlas bank.

However, I have high hopes with the next update, lets wait and see.

I think towers have pretty much solved this.

Even the lowest level zone can get a level 3 tower, making level 60 towers into level 52 towers. Most teams should be able to kill that without too much effort.

As i understand, soon you will be able to go even higher with that building as well, so will know soon enough


Thanks for the link, and ive read it. The only good thing ive noticed there is you will get fair amount of GP and kill troop ratio if u got attacked by higher players, but doesnt change the fact that the top Tier kind of alliance can just “shoo” you easily out of a land easily and u cant do something about it cuz theres no gating mechanisim that can prevent lets say for example 2-3 d1 teams ganging up on your castles. Lemme remind again that example if you are a Sapphire 3 team, you are not safe from being attacked by top tier teams. Is it your fault you are on s3 team and weaker vs the others? No .

Its like … 20 year old man is allowed to beat up lvl 9 year old kid. Thats the current situation.

This can only be activated for 10 mins ish. So you have 10 mins to clear up hundreds of thousands of troops from lvl 350-500 players.

better than not being able to hit it.

and then you just activate it again…

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Activated for 10 minutes with a 9.5 minute cooldown from when you enabled it the first time.

Do that maths :wink:

I hope you guys dont make it sound so easy lol, and I hope it wont happen to any of your teams. When your team doesnt have the fire power clear up those lvl 500s attacking your castles even with the tower reducing enemy’s bases at a certain %, and i know u know having that kind of infra takes alot of time to build , running low on troops and everything, nobody in your “said Alliance” is helping you because neither of them is willing to lose troops on top teams and high lvl players attacking your base.

You need a new alliance mate. But yes, the tower enfeeble is real nice and allows your team and your allies to take out the high levels.

I could be thinking of a different situation. But as far as I saw in that scenario was a team that underleved their islands a bit and expanded more than they should have. Does there need to be an incentive to hit higher? Yes, absolutely. But people and teams also don’t always play the most strategically either.

Your statement is 1000% true. But if lets just say sapphire3 caliber team with 1 castle. Even if a team have the max tower that can make lvl 60 towers to 39 , what kind of gating mechanism that will prevent them from being attacked with ridiculously levelled player? , cuz in my thinking thats more than being bullied.

Or lets make it easier 5 diamond teams , each team represented by 5 or so lvl 350- 500 each.

Another thing, like what @Napk1n said , there are top players who can just park on low level team castle and attack castle for gp or do nothing, or bring a sieger with 1k troops and feed on and kill 15k troops to a lower tier team castle without sweat, “Ah i just want to park here, you guys cant transfer rss … etc etc, i just want to annoy you guys”.

@Lutrus, i hope its that easy, im not only representing my team, im talking about as a whole, what would make a typical team with a mix of few 200- 250 and more 150-199 with no castle be acccepted in a good alliance? Ok scenario again, good news, your team has been accepted to a good alliance(low -mid tier type of alliance), team x : help! we are being attacked by top d1 and d2 teams
Alliance: good luck!

Bring in alliance rushers
Trap attackers
Let the island bubble
Reinforce for the next day when bubble comes off


It is broken to some degree. Atlas is very political and is prone to stagnation. There is also a shortage of level 2/3 islands I think so teams end up a bit displaced.

I have seen sapphire teams do well and make their way but it is a very tenuous balance.

One thing that has been left out and it is probably a very important factor, but why? What was the cause of this. Without knowing that it’s just speculation but I hope the proposed changes in 4.15 help.