Atlas sorcerer bug

Sorcerer dragons are unable to hit all “statues” in invader. Only some can, like Kinnarus and that’s only because of its earthquake spell.

Community is missing out on chests as a result.

Please fix :blush:

It’s been reported before I believe (dont know where to link to). I bet @mechengg or @Lutrus has the link for you


There was also a geometry thing, but that may also have been pushed out to 4.0 with android stuff - guess we’ll see.


Thanks @forscience got to it before I did :+1:

Apparently I’m really slow these days 🤷

Must be holiday mode lol

4.0 out but…

no fix on the geometry for sorcerer I can help

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maybe they forgot about it…

I don’ think we’ve forgotten (I still use Kinnarus on runs when my or other babies need backup!). I’ll check back with the team on it now though.

EDIT: This is still in testing, and it’s on track to be in our next submit.

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