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So any info on when we will be getting the new tier for primarchs ?


What is the thought process behind adding storm/earth flak attack to the rider’s skill tree?


I love that you’re adding Plat1 and above! That’s pretty awesome!

The rider is disappointing though. The specialized tower buffs are not appealing to me at all. I would have like to see maybe a 15% reduction in construction time to entice me to get him. Looks like I’m rockin Leilani at least one more season.

Thanks for not extending the atlas season again. I’m glad to start a new one. I know many on my team are excited to get started!


I’ll make sure the design team gets this feedback. Xandra was pretty amazing for an Offensive rider, so Antonius probably pales a bit in comparison. What stats would you hope to see in future defensive riders?


Maybe 30% + hp and 19% + ap


Well, like I mentioned, construction time reduction would have been great. I’m pretty sure the original “Defender” rider still has the best at 12%. I feel like we’re overdue for an upgrade to that.

Storm tower attack is not a helpful skill because storm towers aren’t used for attacking. The only reason people use them is for their shield.

I mentioned buffing specific towers was not preferred. To give you an example, Leilani buffs my whole base att:17.8% hp:19% while this rider can only buff my base att:10.5% hp:15%. While there is an addition for storm/earth flak, it’s not worth the trade off of weakening all the rest of my towers. So the reason I say it’s disappointing is because it is a less effective rider than the one I got 5 seasons ago.


Asking this question (and not getting a response, shocker) might be a clue as to what NOT to put in a defensive rider skill tree.

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Rounds and Scoring

  • The entire Atlas Lotusbloom Season will be made up of two-week rounds.
  • At the end of each two-week round, the Leaderboard will update with Victory Points earned by each team based on the top 20 most valuable castles they own at that time.

There’s a typo. It’s Souldance season not Lotusbloom season. LOL :see_no_evil:

Well this defensive rider can give 7% attack bonus and 10% for earth flak and storm, Kassima can give 10% attack and defense on two different flaks.

We never want to see riders that have lesser stats than previous riders. Currently the best riders are Kassima, Crom, and the basic defensive rider is useful for the 12% time discount. Defensive riders are even more important to improve with time, because no one will ever need more than three, most of us have only two or one that the stats matter.

Xandra was great because she has rage bonus which is a unique value (I realize other offensive dragons have rage boosts, but rage is something you can’t equate to dps or dragon health so a large boost is worth sacrificing other boosts). If you want to make defensive riders unique, you’d need to buff specific towers (probably not the same ones as before like flaks), add supershots, maybe debuff certain classes of dragons etc., but buffing towers less than a previous rider like what’s done here will never be a highlight.

Edit: I just did the math and this rider is actually awful. With how many points you can earn you can either get 8.5% tower attack, 5% tower HP, and 7% attack boost with 10% health boost for either storm or earth flak. This isn’t nearly as strong as other defensive riders.

Also edited the rider names, I mixed Kassima up with Lelani.


Crom is still generally considered the best all around defensive dragon at 23 HP and 18 AP. Personally I think generalized boosts are better than specific tower boosts.

It would be great to see slightly boosted stats from Crom and 15% construction reduction.

Since there hasn’t been any real attempts at fixing the economy, at least you could throw us a bone and cut down on building times a little.


Does the rider really only get 180 skill points?

That’s less than Crom and a lot less than Kasima. I’m pretty sure at 180 he’s strictly worse than several recent defensive riders, because the required earth flak/storm attack is a useless skill and you can’t get enough of the others. We don’t build those towers to attack, they’re there for their supershots.

Those last 5% storm/earth hp skills – I can’t see why anybody would get either of those, because at 180 points, they’re always contending with a general tower hp skill – you can’t get either of those and get all the general hp skills. This rider needs 205 points at least to make sense, but even there he’d still be weaker than the other recent blue stone defensive riders.


Well at the same time they can’t also eventually be just absurd and make bases unbeatable.

Maybe there should just be more defensive riders readily available for more people. Rather than it taking up the space of the rider for a full atlas season when it’s a piece of poo. Some variation (skills wise) with offensive riders is nice (Xandra for example) but with defense it doesn’t really make all that much sense.

I mean will active atlas folks get this rider so they have something to upgrade during prim event/get it anyways because there are limited things to buy with glory, of course. But with offensive riders there can be some use for them somewhere. Such as getting Xandra even though you might not have a dragon that really needs her over a current rider, but somewhere down the road might be useful.

I can’t imagine when someone might think “man, thank goodness I that storm tower attack rider!”

I feel like a rider like this should be in some cheap limited time branch for a couple thousand sigils for players who need a a rider. It’s pretty disappointing looking forward to the 1 rider a season and seeing this.

And AGAIN, what is the obsession with storm/EF attack? I don’t get this at all.


This is true, but they shouldn’t be considerably worse. They could just stop making new defensive riders, at least in atlas. No one is going to pick a weaker rider when they can use the exact same blue shards to get Crom or Kassima who are by far the best two. A 12% building time reduction might be good if it also had decent defensive stats to replace the basic defensive rider.

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Completely agree, unless they’re specialized for something actually useful there really isn’t a reason to make any more of them in Atlas.


Where did the design team see this rider being useful?
With the skill points and stats available, it’s considerably worse than a lot of other riders; where did they see this rider fitting in game?
Was it designed for a specific use in mind?


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I agree, for me to get this defense rider it would at least have a higher construction bonus. As far as atk/def stats, these are pretty low compared to the recent def riders we have seen.

For example if I was a new player going for my first defense rider and got all 500 :gem: i would definitely get crom over this one.

I still think there needs to be more diversity and “specialties” that make riders unique and more desirable


So how many teams are you guys planning to add to Atlas with this expanded cutoff? Asking for a friend.