Atlas - Spider Tiger and Bi-wolf?

Hi Guys,

I am new to atlas. Can anyone please tell whats the difference between spider tiger and bi-wolf?


Level, drop rate, availability


I am very old in atlas
But I have no idea what you talking about

he is talking about beasties in atlas

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They’re medium low level beasts.

OP, beasts have a numeric level and the higher levels give you a bit more gold and shards as well as a different list of potential extra drops. I think you can get up to level 8 in neutral zones, level 18 on tier two land (including nml), level 23 on tier 3 land and so on. There’s a table in the spreadsheet vault in this forum id you’re interested in more details.

Anyway. Each image and name seems to apply to a range of a few levels. So one of those is higher level than the other, i don’t recall which.

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you’re not alone there. I’ve never memorized what the beasts looked like as i differentiated them -still do- with the numbers, not the looks. :sweat_smile:

Lol, I see. For once I actually got excited with those beasties names

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