Atlas Springblossom Updates

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 9th at 11:35am PT

  • Last week’s gear crafting event ended on Friday April 5th at 11am PT.

  • The next troop training event began on Friday April 5th at 1pm PT.

  • The troop training event ended at 9am PT on Monday, April 8th as per usual.

  • Atlas Elite will be extended by 4 days for everyone with Elite due to the maintenance downtime.

  • The Atlas Winterjól Season ended at 11am PT on Friday, April 5th. The Atlas Springblossom Season will begin today, Tuesday, April 9th. We want to make sure players have time to claim any remaining prizes and will further extend it if we have to.

  • Upkeep has been extended due to the delay, as well.

  • PVP has been re-enabled as of April 4th.

  • Chest conversions will occur sometime in the afternoon today (April 9th).

We appreciate your patience through the matter!