Atlas Stagnation Defined

Ok I keep hearing a common complaint about atlas stagnation. So I’d like to understand what that means. Can players please give a brief statement or two about what a stagnate atlas means to them.

I’m active everyday in atlas so it’s not that stagnate for me.

Defending me when sniping pookas is not active . Stagnation means the water stinks in one place and doesn’t move aka castle’s ownership in this case . Due to the effect of mega alliances conquerings are quite impossible , you either get smashed or get smashed . So to conquer now days you have to play quick or clever :joy:


Let’s not forget the lag


Also bots


Ok so what’s a suitable turnover period? In a game that is by design intended to take years to reach end game.

Also : stagnation is - You know that beautiful level 4 you have in middle of DOA teams , I cant hit you there cause you have no hits with them . That is also stagnation


You know most of atlas castles are legacy castles , benefit from mega alliances . If you are not able to get them why do you have to keep them. If it was in my choice and I was the leader of any mega alliance I would reach the other mega alliances and ask to break them


Atlas stagnation is when your alliance team holds several access 4s that they don’t even attempt to defend, but gets to keep their castles anyway because they call 100+ non 5ta teams to defend them every time. Their own 5ta doesn’t even attempt to defend them. Yet they keep their castles.

Atlas stagnation is when every other team in that 5ta would be in the same situation if they weren’t so buried that they’re basically inaccessible to the enemy. But they get to keep all of their safe 4s because they don’t have to fight on them.

Plenty of teams hold castles they shouldn’t.


I would like to add. It’s also when teams are gifted safe castles by there larger alliance when they should have disbanded weeks ago.


Let’s also not forget a massive team disbanding and having some hack reform the team seconds after in bronze league, gaining all their infrastructure, castle guards, and castles


There’s a preponderance of overly easy Atlas mechanics that just focus on making other people’s actions meaningless and making it unpleasant or difficult to do anything.

Early quitting? You can’t attack unless you’re much stronger or much, much better than the defending team.
Maxed trappers? You can’t efficiently attack, ever.
Enfeeble? You can’t attack alone versus the competent and awake.
Blockades + mega-alliances + lag? You can’t have sustained attacks against anyone competent and awake, either.
Guard swaps? Troop swaps? - DON’T WORRY! It’s okay to do absolutely nothing, you get the same rewards anyway.
Is the enemy just better than you in every way? - Don’t worry, it only takes 15 seconds to summon a prim and load it with 4K and send it to your castle, and it takes 2 minutes to clear that.

Initiating action is too hard, and reacting to negate it is way too easy.


Alot of the responses lack supporting statistics and have an underlying sentiment of resentment and hostility.

How about if you want to contribute to a discussion you actually try and add value.

For a meaningful solution first you must clearly state or define the problem.

I still don’t see a clear problem statement. Tinsir is the only one that gets close in his post but it’s scope is too ambiguous.

Instead I see alot of I don’t like the way I think others are doing things so I think its unfair because its to hard for me to do the things I want. That’s not a problem. So if you want to be part of a meaningful solutioning discussion please try n add some value.


Absolutely agree, dealing with legacy troops can also be added to that list.


No, the real issue is the map layout, it needs to be reworked into something with maybe some hexagons, yea that should do it.


That’s funny, I didn’t see you doing that in tinbru’s thread.


Stated problems so far…

expert primarch ap dp stats w seasonal buff are to prevelant

[quote=“Fragity, post:36, topic:131707”]
excess earned hunting glory as individuals
[/quote] castle guard reserves are to excessive

Castle guards that can be hired to the castle are to excessive

Cost vs reward out of alignment for attacks

Well stagnation means thing doesn’t change fast enough that about it.
thats what it means.
Now what that means is castles conquering doesn’t happen often and thats because of different atlas mechanics.

It’s almost as if the game should do a castle reset every season.

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Let’s limit scope to problems before suggesting solutions.

Ok I hear this so much n I’m wondering… What is an appropriate ownership period?