Atlas stagnation is pathetic

I took a break from this game for months haha came back and is the same. Same everything. This game is pathetic. Atlas big teams are so :hatched_chick: to fight each others. How can this keep happening. Is sooo boring. They don’t do anything. This is not even 50/50% this is 90/10% this days. That 90% side is so pitiful. Nothing at all. Wtf are they doing with their troops?, let me guess swapping castle guards haha Shame on them

What part of atlas you been in? i’m constantly busy with atlas


I have fun with Atlas, even though I am kinda a medium to low level for it I still have good gains and increased strength because of it. I mean, I wouldn’t mind Guard swapping :wink:

So you quit the game (meaning you weren’t playing in atlas) then felt you needed to post on the forums that atlas is stagnant. Perhaps your tunnel vision is due to the fact that you no longer play?
At the moment, I’m having a lot of fun attacking (and being attacked) by teams in the top 10 atlas placings. There is barely a moment when the top few teams aren’t fighting each other and I know of many people, including myself, who are disappointed when pvp shields are up.


Agreed. :point_up_2:t3:

Have you counted the castles from the main teams in Atlas? And if yes…you’re not seeing any changes? Well…you’ve been living under a rock.

Plus…you do realize, that one group is sandbagging really hard these days? Overall…you really have no clue, what’s going on

Cheers, Dwarf


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