Atlas star missions improvement suggestion

Ill never be able to use all the hundreds of excess 2 star and excess mission tokens if i’m at max able to do three rider missions at a time. Might i suggest removing the 3 rider mission max, and allow each player to use whatever riders they may have? I have excess riders that ive out grown as well, since now they are released every season in game, and in atlas. Why not allow us to use them if we have them?


I would love to be able to send 5 at a time.


Or 10…

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Why not add a quest that unlocks additional Atlas missions?
Whatever, kill 5M troops and you get a 4th.
Send baked goods to PG for the 5th.
Anything to make it more interesting.

Slay the red dot an you always get to do the 1 Star Mission as long as no Riders are currently doing one. That wouldn’t break any economy.
Cat Quest


Maybe we could change the scrolls quest to pearls? PLEASE?


Agreed, it makes no sense to not allow people to do as many of these as they’re able to, it’s just spending resources you already own

You could say the same for allowing people to upgrade 10 towers at the same time though, that’s just spending lumber you already own.

Like it or not, the fact that you can only do three of these missions every 12 hours (unless you pay diamonds) is a mechanic to limit the influx of timers/eggs here. It makes no sense to just take all limits off either, and I could easily run 10 missions in parallel with just spare riders and not spending anything. I wouldn’t mind the extra stuff of course, but it’s not like it’s limited for no reason.


I can see that, but the limiting factor of the star missions is more limited than lumber, which you can easily get more of.

Once you’re out of star missions, you cannot just fly your dragon to get more. They are the finite resource in and of themselves.

But that’s not true, the star missions are only used if you want to bypass the element and combat level requirements of the mission. If you have the right riders you can fly missions without spending any tokens.

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I’m not saying to have unlimited rider missions. Just have unlimited where star missions are used

It’s always a battle of making sure there are enough resources without flooding the market.

Atlas mission drops could increase 100X and STILL not flood this broken economy.
Hell, make that 500X and it would barely make a dent for me.

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Atlas missions give me 3 days worth of timers or 1800 tokens a day. If that was increased 100x running half-and-half would give me ~12 years of timers per fort and 2.5m egg tokens per breeding event. That would definitely make more than a dent for me…

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What a shame. We would both end up with 3 max kill islands at some point vs the top guys with an entire island full of max.

or 20…

Ew you would do scroll missions? :yum:

Eh… anything and everything that i can get at a cost of unused riders? Why not. :grin:

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