Atlas Starter Kit: Step by Step Guide with Pictures 🗺

This is an Atlas guide for teams who are new to Atlas. I tried to make it pretty :sweat_smile: Let’s goooooooo!

:small_red_triangle: On the regular game screen, tap the Atlas button :scroll::dagger:

:small_red_triangle: Congrats! You’re now in Atlas :partying_face:

:small_red_triangle: This guide will be split into 4 basic Atlas activities:

  • Troop Training
  • Raiding Gold
  • Glory Hunt
  • Spending Glory

:small_red_triangle: Before we can do any of that, we need to summon a Primarch. Primarchs are like game tokens :racing_car: / chess pieces :chess_pawn: we need to move around or carry out any actions in Atlas :world_map:

:small_red_triangle: Tap the Primarch/Troop button and let’s get started :smiley:

Summoning a Primarch

:small_red_triangle: We can have a total of 3 Primarchs summoned at any given time. The first Primarch slot is free, but the other two slots need to be unlocked with Gold.

:small_red_triangle: We can summon Primarchs by tapping the empty slots and choose a Primarch to summon.

:small_red_triangle: If you already have Primarchs summoned in all the slots, but wish to change it to a different type of Primarch there are quite a few steps to do that.

:small_red_triangle: We first need to set a safe place as Home.

There are 3 types of land in Atlas.
:small_red_triangle: Safe Zone :white_large_square:: No attacks can be launched on these castles :dove:
:small_red_triangle: No Man’s Land :red_square:: Prims are open to attacks :boom:
:small_red_triangle: Castles owned by teams (lands with lots of colours and patterns :rainbow_flag:): You do NOT want to go there…yet :no_good_woman:t2::joy: Teams and their 5 to 20 something TAs will destroy you the moment you land :boom::boom::boom:

:small_red_triangle: There are some teams who sneakily set their land colour to white, so watch out for those :eyes:

:small_red_triangle: Always set SZ castles as Home :sweat_smile:

:small_red_triangle: Now that we’ve identified which type of lands are safe, tap a castle in SZ.

:small_red_triangle: Woohoo! :partying_face:

:small_red_triangle: Next, tap Set Home to well…make that castle your Home :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All Prims go to Home :innocent::dog:
:small_red_triangle: Summoned Prims will appear here.
:small_red_triangle: Destroyed Prims will also end up here.
:small_red_triangle: Changing Prims can only be done at Home. The game will ask you to send it Home first if it isn’t already there.

:small_red_triangle: Note: When collecting troops, if your Prim is sitting at Home, then all your troops will automatically transfer to that Prim. It’s a one way trip as troops cannot be transferred from Prims to Barracks :cry::wave:t2:. This can be disastrous as one Prim may end up having tens of thousands of troops :scream:

:small_red_triangle: To avoid this, always move your Prim to another SZ castle once you summon it. I tend to forget if I leave it for later :sweat_smile: Move it to another SZ castle next door, anywhere so long as it isn’t parked at Home :grimacing:

:small_red_triangle: Once you have an SZ castle set as Home, now wherever you are on the map, there’ll be a floating Home icon. Just tap the Home icon to be brought back here at warp speed :flying_saucer::dash::dash::dash:

:small_red_triangle: So coming back to changing Prims. If your Prim is elsewhere, tap the Home castle and then tap Move to bring your Prim here.

:small_red_triangle: Once your Prim arrives, open the Primarch/Troop button and tap the Prim.

:small_red_triangle: Now tap Train. This will bring up the Primarch menu with all the various Prims and their stats.

:small_red_triangle: Next, select the Prim that you want and tap Summon. If you’ve just started Atlas, the Fighter Prim (blue Prim :blue_heart: ) is the only Prim you can summon at the moment so summon it for now.

:small_red_triangle: Congrats! You’ve mastered Prim Summoning and Driving :partying_face::scroll::confetti_ball:

Troop Building

:small_red_triangle: Now that you have a Prim, the next thing you need is Troops :guardswoman:t2:

:small_red_triangle: Open the Primarch/Troops button and go to the Troops tab this time.

:small_red_triangle: When farmer hats :womans_hat: (orange bar :orange_square::orange_square::orange_square: 8000/8000) is full, you can Build 800 Troops or Revive 4,000 Troops. Farmer hats :womans_hat: are full every 3 hours.

Build Troops
:small_red_triangle: In any of the Open boxes, you can Build Troops.
:small_red_triangle: Tap an Open box > Type 800 in the white box :white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: > Tap outside of the white box so that the gold amount refreshes > Tap Train
:small_red_triangle: It costs 800k Gold :gold: to train 800 Troops.

Revive Troops
:small_red_triangle: You can Revive Troops from the Revive box :white_heart:
:small_red_triangle: Tap the Revive box > Type 4,000 in the white box :white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: > Tap Train

:small_red_triangle: Be careful not to mix up the Open box with the Revive box. You do NOT want to accidentally build 4,000 Troops. Wave goodbye to all your Bullhorns :postal_horn: and Diamonds :diamond: :grimacing::wave:t2:

:small_red_triangle: If you do not have Gold :gold: , you can still build Troops by using Diamonds :diamond:
:small_red_triangle: Tap Train > Continue > It will show how many Diamonds :diamond: and Bullhorns :postal_horn: are needed > Tap Yes

:small_red_triangle: If the farmer hats :womans_hat: are half full (4000/8000), you can still build 800 Troops by using Bullhorns :postal_horn:
:small_red_triangle: Only build Troops in 400 and 800 amounts. Why? Because below those amounts, the game will still consume the same amount of Bullhorns :postal_horn: If you build 250 Troops (1 Bullhorn :postal_horn:) or 570 Troops (2 Bullhorns :postal_horn:). So there’s a waste in terms of Bullhorn :postal_horn: usage and Troop losses.

:small_red_triangle: Try to keep around 30k-50k Troops in Barracks. It’ll be useful later on if you plan on joining a major alliance. Even if you don’t, it’s still good to have reserve Troops like an emergency fund for a rainy day :woman_shrugging:t2::umbrella:

Now that you know how to Build Troops we need to get some Gold :gold: :money_mouth_face:

Raiding Gold

:small_red_triangle: Gold :gold: comes from Beasts. Don’t ask…just smile and wave :penguin::sweat_smile::wave:t2::wave:t2::wave:t2:

:small_red_triangle: There are different tiers of Beasts. For higher tiers, you’ll need higher level Prims to attack them.

:small_red_triangle: The most common ones you’ll see are the orange Beasts :fox_face: (Spider Tigers). Above that are green Beasts :crocodile: (Bi-Wolf). Above those are red Beasts :orangutan: (Ogre Jack). There are more tiers of Beasts, but those only appear near insanely high level team castles :rainbow_flag: So out of reach for now…

:small_red_triangle: In the beginning it’s only possible to hit the orange Beasts so attack those for Gold :gold:

:small_red_triangle: You can only attack Beasts in the area where your Prim is located.

:small_red_triangle: Tap a Beast > Tap Attack.
:small_red_triangle: An Invader base will show up. These bases are always equal to your current level. If you’re level 20, the Invader base will be level 20. If you’re level 500, Invader will be 500 and so on…
:small_red_triangle: You can also use the Free Raid feature. You can get the same amount of Gold :gold: without flying against the Invader base.

:small_red_triangle: The Daily Loot Multiplier resets every day with egg tokens :eggtoken: from the Team Meeting Hall. This determines the maximum amount of Gold from each Raid. With every Raid, the amount of Gold :gold: from Beasts will drop.

Woohoo! You’re now certified Raiders of lost Gold :tada::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Glory Hunt

:small_red_triangle: Now that you have Troops, it’s time to hunt for Glory :crossed_swords:
:small_red_triangle: On the Atlas screen, you’ll notice a little bar at the bottom with some latitude and longitude numbers.
:small_red_triangle: These are coordinates. There are coordinates for every location in Atlas…even the middle of the ocean :ocean::sweat_smile:
:small_red_triangle: If you have the coordinates for a place, you can input them to go there directly instead of swiping your way across the Atlas map :joy:
:small_red_triangle: Let’s try going to Noboros-2

X: 234.5 Y: -166.6

:small_red_triangle: Copy the above cords exactly :point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2: Copy the whole thing from X to the last number 6.
:small_red_triangle: Now tap the location icon :round_pushpin:

:small_red_triangle: This will bring up the cords menu
:small_red_triangle: Tap Paste > Tap Go
:small_red_triangle: You should now be at Noboros.
:small_red_triangle: You can tap the cords bar. This will automatically copy the cords. You can paste them in team chat to share your current location. When teammates tap the cords, they will be teleported to where you are :flying_saucer:

:small_red_triangle: Still remember how to Set Home? Now set Noboros-2 as Home and bring your Fighter / Destroyer Prim (blue Prims :blue_heart: ) here. When your Prim gets destroyed, it will reappear here when you Summon it. So no need to travel all across the Atlas map again. Good times :sweat_smile:

:small_red_triangle: We’re finally getting to what Atlas is all about! Live fireworks shows :partying_face::tada::boom::fireworks::sparkler:

:small_red_triangle: Park your Prim at Noboros and scout potential targets in Aligane (castle in the red zone).
:small_red_triangle: Stay in SZ while looking for targets, because if you go there now other players may attack you while you’re busy looking. If someone else hits you, chances are that you will get very, very bad Glory or even zero Glory :grimacing:

:small_red_triangle: Just stay in SZ :sweat_smile:

:small_red_triangle: To see who’s there, tap the castle in Aligane, then tap Details. This will bring up a list of Prims and all their stats.

There are lots of criteria to get optimum Glory. Here goes :hushed::dash:
:small_red_triangle: Glory percentage: 100% Glory. The first thing you may want to look at is of a target will give you 100% glory. The numbers will be green if they are.
:small_red_triangle: Player level: Next, you will want to check the player level. Choose a base lvl that you can actually beat. Any player hundreds of level above will show 100% Glory, but you won’t get Glory if you can’t defeat their base. Players around ~15% range of your level will give 100% Glory. Outside of that range, the Glory may be less. If you hit too low, you could get zero Glory as well even if the attack was successful.
:small_red_triangle: Prim type: [ Fighter :blue_heart:, Destroyer :blue_heart: and Sieger :green_heart: are for Attacking :crossed_swords: ] ; [ Trapper :purple_heart: and Taunter :heart: for Defending :shield: ] Do not use a Trapper to attack or hit another Trapper. Your Troops will get wiped out :ocean:
:small_red_triangle: Prim tier: There are different Prim tiers. Bronze 2, Silver 1 and so on. Ideally, Bronze 2 Prims should hit Bronze 2. Silver 1 with Silver 1. If you attack a Silver 2 Prim with a Bronze Prim, say goodbye to your Troops :sweat_smile::wave:t2::ocean: The Fighter Prim is Bronze 1 so try to look for another Fighter Prim or Sieger.
:small_red_triangle: Prim level: Try looking for a Prim that’s around the same level as yours. If you hit a Prim 10x times your level your Troops will get wiped out :ocean: That’s because their Prim will likely have a much higher Defense Power than your Prims Attack Power. Which brings us to…
:small_red_triangle: Prim Attack & Defense Power: Ideally, your Prims Attack Power :crossed_swords: should be higher than the Defense Power :shield: of the Prim that you want to attack. If the DP is way higher than AP, goodbye Troops :ocean: Just make sure :crossed_swords: > :shield:
:small_red_triangle: Number of Troops: Pick a target that has at least 5k Troops. Otherwise the attack would be for nothing. The more Troops you destroy, the more Glory you earn. Attacking a Prim with 1 Troop will give zero Glory :x:
:small_red_triangle: Load Troops: Transfer 3-5k Troops onto your Prim. Drat, I forgot to make a screenshot for this…:sob: Okay umm…remember Primarch/Troop button? Open the Primarch/Troop button > Tap the Prim > Instead of the Train button on top, Tap the dragon/helmet button to the left > Type 3000 in the white box :white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square:> Tap Transfer. This 3-5k amount is so that you don’t lose too many Troops if someone else completes an attack on you first. Don’t attack with 1 Troop loaded. You will earn zero Glory :x:

:small_red_triangle: Once you’ve found a good target, move your Prim to the Aligane. Tap the castle in Aligane and tap Move.

:small_red_triangle: Tap Aligane again and tap Details. When your Prim arrives, an Attack button will show up next to all the names. Hit the Attack button next to your chosen target.

:small_red_triangle: If your Prim is still alive after an attack, move it back to SZ. Don’t load any Troops just yet. Wait a few minutes. Hit some Beasts, do an exp run or something. This is just in case somebody hit your Prim while you were in the middle of an attack. An attack that was launched before you left for SZ will still count. Any freshly loaded Troops will be wiped out :ocean: If nobody attacked your Prim, good. If your Prim was attacked, at least you don’t lose too many.

:small_red_triangle: And that’s all there is to Glory Hunting! Simple right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Don’t worry. I know it can be overwhelming at first. Even if you’re not going to attack, just watch Aligane. Practice how to choose targets. Meanwhile, keep building Troops. So by the time you get the hang of picking choice targets :cut_of_meat: you will already have lots of Troops to use :partying_face::yum::plate_with_cutlery:

Spending Glory

:small_red_triangle: Now it’s time to spend all that hard earned Glory :heart_eyes::shopping::purse:

:small_red_triangle: The Glory you earn is credited in 3 places (Buy 1 Get 3 Free) :partying_face:

  • Atlas Badge Chests
  • Primarchs
  • Riders

Let’s start with the most straightforward one. Tap the Atlas Event button to start your shopping spree :shopping_cart:

Atlas Badge Chests

:small_red_triangle: On the Atlas Event page, tap Treasury (upper right corner).

:small_red_triangle: On the Treasury screen, open Atlas Badge chest for Badges. Badges are like Sigils, but for Atlas branches.

:small_red_triangle: Go to the Season tab. A good Atlas branch to go for is the Riders branch. You can get lots of resources as well as :red_circle: Red Rider shards and :large_blue_circle: Blue Rider shards which you can use to hire Riders :smiley:


:small_red_triangle: Secondly, you can use Glory to upgrade Prims.
:small_red_triangle: Open the Primarch/Troop button > Select a Prim > Tap Train.

:small_red_triangle: If your Prim has enough Glory and you have the required amount of Gold :gold: , tap Level Up.

:small_red_triangle: If you don’t have enough Gold :gold: , Tap Level Up anyway. You can use Gold Packs (if you have them) and Diamonds :diamond: to make up for the missing amount.

:small_red_triangle: You can also use Diamonds :diamond: to buy Glory for Prims.

:small_red_triangle: I would suggest buying Glory for the Fighter to upgrade it to level 5 as soon as possible. Then you can start unlocking other Prim types. Every Bronze 2 Prim has better stats than the Fighter Prim, so just get it to level 5 and get another better Prim. A good Prim to unlock first is the Destroyer. It has balanced Attack and Defense so it can be used to attack a variety of Prims and if it gets attacked, it won’t lose too many Troops.


:small_red_triangle: Lastly, you can use Glory to train your Riders.

:small_red_triangle: On the regular game screen, tap the Riders button.

:small_red_triangle: On the Unhired tab, hire the four Riders that cost 5 :red_circle: Red Rider Shards.

:small_red_triangle: Bond Defensive Riders to your Warrior dragons on the Perch. Defensive Riders gain Glory when your Prim is attacked on Atlas.

:small_red_triangle: Bond Offensive Riders to dragon that you use to attack other Prims on Atlas. Offensive Riders will gain Glory from successful Atlas attacks.

:small_red_triangle: Riders need :red_circle: Red Rider shards and Glory to level up.

:small_red_triangle: Select a Rider, then go to the Train tab. If the Rider has enough Glory and there are enough :red_circle: shards, tap Train.

:small_red_triangle: Everytime a Rider levels up, they gain skill points. These skill points can be used to learn skills from the Rider’s Skill Tree. You can find the ideal Skill Tree for each Rider on Morreion’s website Riders

:small_red_triangle: You can also send Riders on Missions to get various rewards.

:small_red_triangle: On the Atlas screen, tap the Missions button.

:small_red_triangle: I would suggest sending Riders on Missions that give egg tokens. Since each Mission takes 12 hours to complete, it would be best to Deploy them before logging off for the day.

That’s all folks!

Just try to get into a comfortable daily routine. Plus, we haven’t even gone into Atlas Events yet :cold_sweat:

:small_red_triangle: Daily routine (approximate):

  • Build Troops
  • Craft Gear
  • Send Riders on Missions

:small_red_triangle: Only Revive Troops during the Troop Training event.
:small_red_triangle: Only upgrade Elite Gear and Train/Hire Riders during the Training Camp event.

Check out The Grind for visual Atlas Guides :heart_eyes:

Also check out Nidogod’s Glory Calculator if you’re into that sort of thing :kissing_heart:

Hope more teams like Atlas! :partying_face: :tada:


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Thanks Zalek! :hugs::orange_heart: It was definitely lots of fun trying to get the important information there without making it too complex :eyes: Would I do it again? No way :no_good_woman:t2::joy: I only managed to finish it because of the game update today. So thanks for that PG! :blush:

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