Atlas still down after updates

@PGJared @PGEggToken when are we getting atlas back? The update on android and iOS is out should be back by now!!! Updates been out hours

any information would be great

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Filed a ticket and they said they have no time frame but they’re working as hard as they can

:man_shrugging: guess we’re all just chilling until it randomly appears

It should have been back last night. I think this is why most gaming companies do scheduled maintenance at the start of the day, not end of it.

Most gaming companies don’t have the luxury of having a captive audience :man_shrugging:

We’re stuck til they do what they do and they know it :unamused:

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It’s baaaack!!

Atlas access has been restored. Battle will remain disabled until around 11:30 AM PST.

I realize you guys probably ran into some challenge with this patch, but just a suggestion for next time this happens. Can you guys give us a heads up when the maintenance is going to take so long. Going into the next day is unusual.

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