Atlas stopped error

Has anyone got a stopped error in atlas after battles? and it pops up every three seconds after the war .It’s been like this since the new season started

Pics or it never happened.


But yeah. I’m seeing it on an older android device. I can ask around if any of my family has seen it too.

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I don’t think it’s device related.Android 13 SD 888… I was able to play atlas without any problems before. The new season has started, somehow it gives an error even in the mines.The game stopped error pops up every three seconds unless I close the game

I get a lot of sync errors since the new season started, summoning prims, making troops, attacking in atlas and main game is very slow to start.

I put it down to assault, but it’s still around so I assume assault and the ascended gear is fn the game up, not sure what the solution is? Maybe wait until the game settles again


I hope it gets fixed for the new season it’s hard and frustrating to attack like this

All of a sudden today I’ve been getting this error constantly.

Using iOS. Happens even upon just opening up atlas.

I have the same issue google pixel 6. Since December 2021 when I got the phone.
So Atlas is completely unplayable for me.

It will also occur if you defend an atlas attack.

Uploading link to YouTube
3 Sec timeout from Atlas

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new season started but still stopped error pops up every three seconds. I can’t play the game I tried everything. when will this bug be fixed there is no post about it