Atlas Store & Treasury Changes

Hey all,

To help you compete in Atlas, we wanted to add more value to the current value packs in our store. So starting tomorrow, the following changes to Atlas value packs will be live:

  • Value packs with crafting shard will get a ~1.5x increase in resources
  • The Atlas Hero Pack, Atlas Conqueror Pack, and the Atlas Legend Pack will now include Gold packs

We also made some changes to costs for Atlas Frozen Chaos Chests:

  • For 1 Chest, it will now cost 400 Diamonds (previously 800 Diamonds)
  • For 10 Chests, it will now cost 2k Diamonds (previously 4k Diamonds)

We wanted to give some extra love to our value packs and our Treasury to help you and your team out! Good luck in this week’s Train Troops event!


Shoot… but I just bought some for 4k. :joy:

Stoked on this. Wish I knew before I spent my whole stash of diamonds though lol

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For clarification, the cost reduction is for Atlas Frozen Chaos Chests that give Atlas season badges, not regular Atlas Chests.


Well, this should help me avoid wasting Diamonds hitting the wrong type of chest (and I’ll only waste 2,000 if I do)!

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Does this change to cost for seasonal badges not encourage stagnancy?


Sorry, but not a great deal or a great present for us …

No one should use diamonds on Atlas season badges :unamused:


I’m on the fence for this one. On one side its great to see more value but on the other side it doesn’t feel sufficiently targeted.

Most competitive atlas players complete the season in 4-6 weeks most active players in 10 weeks.

There isn’t really a need for atlas badge chests to even exist. I didn’t buy them at 4k and at 2k they still don’t have my interest.

The only way these are useful is if I have a big stash go on a holiday and need to catch up some progress.

Now if these had bigger hits of premium atlas currency like bullhorns, troop summons with fillers and cost 10k diamonds for 10 then maybe I’m interested. ( i.e. atlas version of a draconic chest )

Maybe I’m interested if they were super rune chests with interesting runes and glyphs.

While atlas elite is mandatory for most players the other packs just seem super expensive for what they are.

I occasionally buy troops but honestly none of those packs are very exciting to me at those price points.

Even if they were half the cost that they currently are I’m not sure if I would buy more.

It’s easy enough to just farm the stuff I need.

And you guys are in a bind here. If troops and rss are more scarce it just makes atlas more stagnant.

I think the packs in atlas need to be more interesting or they need to be good enough value that ill buy one instead of buying movie tickets, dinner or a pack on another game.

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Can we please fix when you buy Atlas Elite that you IMMEDIATELY get 24k farmers again? If I’m paying for that, why do I have to wait for them to acclimate slowly from 8k(non-elite) to Elite?

It’s a small change that shouldn’t skew things much but it’s a pain!


You can renew your elite before it ends if you wish to avoid a drop

I usually do, but this once I’d let it lapse.

I can’t imagine it would break the game to fix it so it’s immediate. I’m paying for a service- it should be immediately activated.

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