Atlas suggestions

The shuffle wont fix the main issues of Atlas, all it does is making teams with current castles not able to get attacked a target.

I guess I could start another redundant thread titled tactical escalation but seems to me atlas suggestions or lag mitigation is basically the same thing and as far as the content of my post it seems pretty well on topic as it is a suggestion for atlas and a possible solution for lag.
Not sure why this suggestion needs its own thread exactly
Either the community will grasp what I’m saying and pursue the concept or the map will remain in a cycle of stagnation :man_shrugging:

And the title of this thread is suggestions with an “s” as in more than one so figured it could be discussed here to avoid multiple threads on virtually identical topics.:+1:

I’m pretty sure it’s been clearly stated that this was never the intention of the shuffle. Only a stepping stone to get to a permanent solution to long term atlas. My biggest fear is how long we do have to wait for seiges.


The game on every battle with 50 prims allready is unplayable, sieges woot? No one cares about this as game is laggy and unplayable, the shuffle wont adress that either. Just add more things and at best whole gold league so atlas cant be entered anymore.

There are small teams genuinely need a castle
This is important for growth
Asking them to go conquer one is beyond them
I don’t think asking for handouts is healthy

@pggalileo you need to help

And worse of all
Right now is very untimely
No team wants to sell castle
Then there’s new platinum teams also vying for castles
It’s not hard to see some teams are holding castles that they don’t need
This is the problem with widening gap between the have and no have :frowning:

I would wait and see what happens after the shuffle thing…Dont think PG will change anything until they see how that works out.

Mabe easier to get feedback from that after thats been live for a few months.

You regularly see access tier 2s sold for under 50m, people definitely do sell castles it’s just no accesses are much more pricey

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I think if this is what you see, you’re not looking very hard. My team alone has sold two spare access castles in the last month, and we’re just a mid-plat team, not some high-powered diamond team.

A new team could have earned enough gold to buy one in a single DAY, though they’d have wanted to accumulate some troops and allies to help defend it first.

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So where did you get your castles? How do you hold them? What alliance are you a part of? Who helps you hold your castles?

Why should a team have to buy a castle… that is flawed in the first place.

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I agree the fact that we are buying and selling these tactically degrading castles is laughable at best and shows this map is beyond broken :man_shrugging:
Buying and selling what should be fought for is a result of stagnation and failed mechanics!

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