Atlas Summerkai Season Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Atlas Summerkai Season!

thank you for listening to players and adding mystic gear :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

edit: that was ironic

Why is it castle ownership leaderboard again it doesn’t change the leaderboard ever. Make up something else please. This isn’t competitive what so ever.


So 6th season in a row now where Dread takes first for the season before it’s even begun? I wonder who’s gonna take 2nd and 3rd. Again.

Has the art team already finished the portraits? I don’t see why not.



meh i dont care about mythic gear i havent even maxed elite gear yet. just another time AND MONEY SINK

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I think you put the wrong date for the spring season ending…

I’ll double check on this one, and update as necessary.

The only portrait available to anyone this season is Sophia’s.

@Arelyna it says Atlas Springblossom Season will be ending on June 25th at 2pm PT before the Atlas Summerkai Season arrives on Wednesday, June 26th
But according to the season tab it says 7 days left so i take it that is incorrect

Is it true that we can forge elite gear next patch?

People wanted mystic gear? :thinking:


Idk maybe read the patch notes. Or the announcement for this thread. God forbid that have the answer you’re looking for.


Well this sucks.

@Arelyna i know we can claim shards instead of elite gear but can we claim shards instead of mythic gear too?

not me lutrus. i have even maxed elite gear yet lol

Thanks for the wonderful answer, helps a lot

Great news all around. Rider as stand-alone will help many people. And mythic gear only being 10% more means 0% temptation for me lol. Thanks for the solid :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: How come no invoker trait in this rider? I’d have thought this to be a great opportunity to introduce it.


What do you think is a better option? Shards or elite gear? I will claim before the season ends

Nope, only the gear.

@Arelyna will purple shards be useless after this season or will they make a comeback?

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