Atlas Survey for 200 Rubies = broken?


@PGEggToken I logged into the game just now and got a popup asking if I wanted to take an Atlas survey (survey ID 52) for 200 gems, but it goes to a blank page (reported in-game) :smiley:

Even if I inspect the page, it’s empty, outside of some code for empty tables.

PGCrisis, I can’t give my feedback 😕

Yes I‘m having the same issue. Would have loved to answer it.


Ditto having same issue here


Same here.



typical pg, and they won’t fix…

and then a month later they will say they did a survey and got no negative feedback and everything is great :slight_smile:


Well I had the same. Just got a blanc page.


Heres the broken link


Me too. Can I have my rubies now, please?


I assume this means the survey was auto-filled with a sterling review. Thanks for trying to participate, no rubies for you! soup nazi impression.


Same here. Did the same thing few months back as well when another survey was taking place.


It seems like the survey is up now :smiley:

Edit: It requires to say that you love it and all the other things :rofl:


The survey won’t let me submit, keeps saying to tick more boxes


@PGEggToken survey questions are required but they are checkboxes instead of radio buttons. That forces you to select all options.


The survey was a bit buggy. We have just now sent out the survey to atlas players again. All players will be able to take it now and receive the rubies for participating.


I was gonna say, you were about to receive some useless information from those surveys if we had to select all options :rofl:


Note for people who aren’t seeing the survey:
Quit the app, swipe in the applicable direction in the app switcher to force close, start it up again

@ModMat @Psarus can be closed


I could take the survey, just couldn’t submit it​:sob::sob::sob:… but after 12 tries it finally worked