Atlas survey - Is it fair?

I recently finished the Atlas survey and one question on it was something like - Is Atlas fair?

I answer high on the question, because they basically throw everyone together and say make you own teams and fight it out. So of course it’s fair.

However, I don’t think they had the questions that should have been on the survey. It’s really two or three questions.

  1. what is your level
  2. what league are you in
  3. do you enjoy Atlas combat.

In general, I think they will find that Atlas is enjoyed more by higher level players and players in higher leagues. Which really goes back to some of the core concerns with the game. Namely, the game is not as enjoyable for newer players, which makes the game less viable in the long run.

I would like to see some shifts to Atlas, not to make it more fair, but to make it more enjoyable. (Personally, I like it but think it’s a bit boring)

Atlas - Fair and Balanced

I’m pretty sure they know this already…

I think you will find that the reason it’s more “enjoyable” as you claim for higher leagues, is because the teams are trained well enough to actually have a force behind them. The players actually show up when asked to to defend castles, the players know that when a raid time is scheduled that’s when u need to be on.
A lot of this you won’t find in the lower leagues. Ofc a raid is gonna be much more fun when 15-20 members show up instead of 5-10. It’s all about the discipline and about the level in which the team plays on.
If your team isn’t competitive, 9 times out of 10 you aren’t going to “enjoy” atlas the way a team who is very competitive would.

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