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This isn’t a new suggestion, but it bears revisiting because a fix is still absent: can’t something be done to make it easier to select targets in Atlas? Poachers and portals are still just dogpiled on top of each other, making it difficult — sometimes almost impossible — to select a target destination. There are poachers buried in the middle of an overlapping mess of portals, either completely hidden or so hard to select that you waste twenty minutes tapping all over the screen in hopes of finding it. There are some that I flat out cannot select, even if I were willing to spend twenty minutes trying. Fixing this seems like a no brainer. Leave some space between stuff, please.

Or if that’s too hard (for whatever occult coding hurdle might preclude spacing things out), what about making a pop up menu with all the selectable targets in the area, so you could just choose and tap once?


We plan to cull the excess portals during as part of the 4.15 release at the very end of the month.

Not having portals will be good but that doesn’t resolve poachers. Earlier this event I had to release a ton of people who accidentally ended up at my castle. They were trying to hit a poacher in the adjacent NML but our poacher was stacked on top of the NML one. Visually the poachers were in NML so people weren’t checking the shards I guess

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Yikes, that’s no good. The poachers aren’t supposed to travel over the borders, but it looks like we might have a little data issue between what our servers think the borders are and how we draw them on phones. Thanks for the heads up.

Can you make the portals stop transporting us to places that aren’t released yet? I keep finding portals to lands that we aren’t allowed in and the scrolling and screen gets all weird and it takes a while to luck into clicking your portal again and going back.

IIRC the next patch will slow down primarch patrol speed and also relocate the primarch icon so you can find and tap other primarchs more easily and don’t have your own icon in the way.

Other than that, you can just select the poacher and see a list of teams and players which you can select and attack.

I personally like portals

@MareZ — I think you misunderstand my complaint: the problem is not selecting primarchs on a poacher; the problem is selecting the Poacher itself when it’s positioned directly beneath or too close to another target, such as a portal or another poacher (as Shimo references above). Trying to select a poacher that’s buried beneath a scramble of portals and other poachers can be like trying to pick a single grain of sand out of a sandbox with bare fingers.

It will definitely be an improvememt to relocate the Primarch icon so you no longer have to wait for it to circle out of the way before selecting your target, yet this is an unrelated (albeit similar) issue.

Oh my bad, yeah that can be annoying.
Every clickable item should have a minimum distance to all the other clickable items.

I agree. Although my suggestion of a pop up menu listing all the targets in a given region (not unlike the present poacher menus with the attack/Primarch tabs) would make visual spacing on the screen fairly irrelevant. Each region could have a main menu and as many submenus as might be needed to render every target on the map easily selectable with a single tap. This would be more precise and have less margin for error.

In Shimo’s example of accidentally tapping on a neighbor’s poacher that is visually straddling a border, a menu could eliminate this issue because neighboring targets simply wouldn’t show up in the menu of the selected region.

Although I find it odd that, when you give orders to one of those margin-placed poachers, you don’t get the pop up warning that the selected route includes an enemy blockade that will delay your Primarch. It seems like exactly the sort of circumstance that this message was invented for. But just today I tapped on a poacher that looked like it was in a no man’s land, but was actually in the neighboring enemy region, and there was no such message and it wouldn’t let me recall my Primarch once the order was given — only after the course was set did the message pop up, in reference to any alternate or reverse route I tried to order from there. :man_shrugging:

That‘s a possibility but I personally prefer a clean ingame layout/UI over countless of submenus.

It wouldn’t necessarily change any other existing feature though —I’m just proposing an add-on. You wouldn’t have to use it if you chose not to, or even see it — you’d still be abe to select directly from the screen, as now; but a Region Menu button would be there for whoever wanted or needed it. It really wouldn’t be have to be any messier than the present pop up menus on poachers that you referred to earlier. I like a clean screen too — this whole issue was precipitated by the current messiness of target placement, which in turn makes selectability so hard sometimes.

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Random portals are going to go away in an upcoming client release. This should remove that problem.

The update is going to be out by feed event start, correct? We have several castles who’s upkeep are due in the next 24 hours.

:joy: Bad things might happen. Just had that problem. It wasn’t fun. I hope someone can get it paid in time.

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