Atlas Team Bonuses Explained (v4.00 update)

First, I wanted to apologize for this belatedness of this post. Generally I prefer to do this earlier, but wasn’t able to this time.

In v4.00, team bonuses have been simplified:

  • Only the top 20 buildings you own of each type count towards bonuses (or 4 per refinery biome type [earth, fire, etc.]). Previously, each successive building was worth less and less. The intent (of both the original and this new approach) was to reward teams for owning a large but finite amount of land. The old approach had the disadvantage of being too subtle and thus ineffective at dissuading teams from compiling huge swatches of land – even though lands beyond the 20th were of practically zero value, it was hard to notice. The new hard cap is easy to communicate, and also makes it easier to tabulate infrastructure value – your first level 12 HQ is just as valuable as your 20th level 12 HQ now.
  • (Aggregate) infrastructure level is now the sole determiner of team bonuses. In the past, it was a complex mix of territory owned and how much the infrastructure was leveled up. This was much too complex to clearly communicate to players, and left infrastructure insufficiently important.
  • Team bonuses are now tiered. That is to say that bonuses now work more like powering up a dragon (they upgrade in discrete chunks called levels) – you have to upgrade or conquer a meaningful chunk of infrastructure in order to own the next bonus. In the past, every little upgrade would make a tiny fractional difference. This old method made it hard to communicate what you needed to do to get a bigger buff, and made getting buffs less rewarding since most upgrades resulted in just a tiny change.

In addition to simplifying team bonus calculations, v4.00 includes new screens for explaining what bonuses your team has. I’ll walk through them below:

Collecting Tribute

As before, tap the green chest button on the Atlas HUD to collect your breeding token tribute each day. As of today, we made a post-release tweak to show a popup which clearly explains the bonus you earned and just collected:

When you dismiss this popup, you’ll be shown a summary of your team’s buff (next screenshot!).

Team Bonuses Summary

Each piece of infrastructure contributes to a different bonus. This summary screen shows you how much of each bonus your team is currently benefiting from. Refineries are special because the bonus they provide a bonus based on which biome they’re – a refinery in a Fire region will give your team bonus fire crafting shards.

You will be shown this screen after you finish collecting tribute. You can also view it by tapping any castle your team owns, then tapping Details and finally tapping Bonuses. If your team does not own any territory, you will not earn tribute or be able to view the bonus summary (since you don’t get any).

Tap any bonus on this screen to get more information about it (next screenshot!).

Team Bonus Details

The details screen explains how to increase one of your team’s bonuses. In this example, I tapped the fort bonus (breeding token tribute) so it tells me to level up my Forts to get more breeding tokens each daily. In this screenshot we can see that my team has 45.6 (Fort) Infrastructure Points – this is simply the sum of the points earned from each of my forts. As you can see, higher level forts provide more points. Rows shown with a green tint hint that the fort at that location is at max level (like before, max level depends on the level of the region where your castle is located).

This screen shows me that I can get another 59 tokens per day by growing my Fort Infrastructure Points to 56. Time for me to go conquer some more castles (easy for me since I took these screenshots on our test server, haha).

Infrastructure Points

Keep in mind that team bonuses get stronger as you level them up from none at all all the way up to Platinum 1. The biggest improvements are in later tiers, and you’ll need top-end land with high level infrastructure to unlock them. If you tap on the Points column header on the Team Bonus Details screen, you’ll be shown a detailed list of how many points each infrastructure level is worth … no guessing or data mining required.

The maximum level infrastructure you can build is 3 * (Region Level - 1). So you can build up to level 12 infrastructure in a level 5 region (3*(5-1)=12).

Questions welcome!


This makes things so much easier instead of blind guesswork :smiley:

Great change!

Could we also have details on the infrastructure level caps for land quality? I think that’d be one of the final pieces for planning.

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Thank you so much for explaining this in the update notes before taking away half of everything in Atlas :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: Well done

The maximum level infrastructure you can build is 3 * (Region Level - 1). So you can build up to level 12 infrastructure in a level 5 region (3*(5-1)=12). Added this to the original post (last section).

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Some teams got more, some got less. Sounds like you were in the latter. Hopefully you know how to go out and get more now!

Thing is the max is still half of what we used to get. I could see if what we got was max and you wanted to expand the matrix to include more islands/continents to reach that maximum. But you just cut the maximum in half all the way through, with no opportunity to get back to the levels we were at. Making all the work we had done claiming lands and building towers, banks, etc a waste of time. With dragons and towers costing more and more everyday, you’d think there would be more opportunities to gain the valuable resources needed for them, and yet halved.

How do you conquer lvl 5 land?
Or anything more than lvl 1,2 or 3 , if you’ve only recently joined atlas?
Thanks for trying to balance things out for everyone involved and giving the nomads a higher chance of securing home island🙏

Good question. The maximums were unchanged, except for tribute which was raised 25% to 1,500. Crafting buffs continue to cap out at 10x, troop training time reduction at -50%, gold production at 2x and the XP bonus at +50%.

You can conquer any castle (except those in safe zones or no man’s lands) by wiping out all enemies at them at then tapping the castle and choosing Conquer from the menu. Level 5s are pretty rare, and you’ll need to fight some fearsome enemies for them. But there are great buffs available for all teams in lower level territory too. Once the new upkeep changes previously discussed in this forum go live, I expect there to be more than enough Level 2s for every team to snap up at least a few for themselves and get started on their quest for world domination!

So Is there a hard cap on points earned before you max out the rewards earned?

Example: if a team captures all the 5 star areas (up to 20 bases) would they be at “max” value or above any type of cap that was put in place?

Curious if “top tier rewards” really requires you to own 5 star land. Or, could you reach those rewards by owning a mixture of lvl 3-5 lands?

Lol thanks for the tip.
Any advice for how a 3month old team can achieve better results?
Or are 5 Star islands only booked for a selected few older teams?

I definitely think the lack of communication here was a big mistake. You sliced most the big teams perks and rewards in half. How was this not communicated BEFORE it was implemented? I don’t understand how PG changes stuff and decides not to even inform us on how we will be affected. I’m very disappointed on the lack of communication we have been seeing across the board in this game.

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What are the chances we can get a table on what it takes for each infrastructure level and what each level would increases our bonueses?

In thinking about this and discussing what the changes will mean I think all this does is help teams that don’t have land, get land. But it won’t help much of the rest of the divide.

This change quantifies just how important higher level land is, but that’s already scarce. Level 3 land is now exactly, without question, at least twice as valuable as level 2 land. And that gap widens as you go.

As such, it’s going to be exponentially harder for newer teams to secure any land more valuable than a level 2 land and it was already insanely difficult.

Now I’m not of the mindset that newer Atlas teams should have things handed to them but I think the chance to compete in a timely manner is crucial and a true benefit to this change can’t be realized completely as it is.

My suggestion would be a slight, and I use the word slight to mean it’s true meaning, slight increase in ratio of lands above level 2. I dont see how that’s possible with the current land, short of some random drawing on current level 2 lands to increase, level 3 lands to increase and level 4 lands to increase. But I would say in the next expansion, a higher ratio of more valuable land would be great.

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Just rubbish, plain rubbish…people join/joined/enjoyed teams based off daily atlas tribute eg tokens so they can play moving forward with their progression in the game to get better dragons.

Please don’t give us that you could of wished you could of told us earlier…it’s just not on. Lying to others is easy, but lying to yourself, now that’s an art :framed_picture::art:

Hellooooooo??!!?:earth_africa::earth_americas: Earth to Dave, Earth to Dave :earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia: this is your captain speaking . NEWSFLASH :camera_flash::video_camera::newspaper:This games TAKES months of grinding!!

Let’s say a team got 1k tokens before this incredibly well :bulb: planned and thought out update and now they get 700. That equates to 9k tokens loss over 30 days in the rear end…

Gold :moneybag: is not easy to come by when mines and poachers are now reduced in what they payout…

What was that other dragon game again? :thinking:Someone mentioned it in a previous post and said it was awesome.

-Wizzy :blush:

Tell 'em Matty!!

You don’t understand? Let me speak another language.

So basically when :dollar:and​:credit_card: say :euro::pound:then :money_with_wings:happens because :euro::pound::outbox_tray::inbox_tray::chart:said :outbox_tray::euro::pound::money_with_wings::euro::moneybag::yen::dollar:now the reason you weren’t told earlier is because :dollar::pound::moneybag::euro::yen::money_with_wings: and also because :dollar::yen::euro::money_with_wings::credit_card:.

Hope that dissolves the fog of confusion comrade.

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Lol wish I had the energy to keep bothering and hoping for more balance in atlas.
I’m hanging by a thread atm and ready to retire from this constant fiasco. Too many broken parts that need fixing but nothing ever gets fixed properly.
Mayb it’s time to say goodbye for reals
Was a fun ride while it lasted, but it’s no fun anymore😔

I think once the map expands, it will give more land. The update might be in preparation for that one. In the long run, everyone has a chance to get their own land. If we base it on the old value, then other teams might not be able to get their own lands since stronger teams are expanding and conquering more lands.

Yes, I understand that. But their should be a higher ratio of higher tier lands based on the new changes. Yep old system rewarded quantity as much or more as quality of land. With it making a much more drastic shift to quality, all the long term teams are going to only have higher level lands. And they’ll be more contested than ever.

Making a shift in increasing the number of higher level lands will help balance which teams have which land, even if newer added teams still don’t have real chances at level 4 or 5 lands, having a shot at level 3 lands would be great.

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