Atlas Team Bonuses Explained (v4.00 update)


If a team had 20 maxed out level 5 bases they would max out all team bonuses (bonuses max out at 446 Infrastructure Score points [except refineries] and 20xlevel 5 bases exceeds this by a slim margin). You can get to about 65% with just level 4s, 44% with just level 3s and about 31% with just level 2s (level 1s cannot be owned; they are all safe zones). Numbers subject to change based on future tuning, but that’s where it stands today.


one of the things about this change i don’t like, is i don’t try and get into mischief now.

Prior to this i found some nice level 4 poachers in someone else territory. It was fun as heck to load the rusher up and try and sneak in for the good crystal payouts their poachers had. First payout was close to 2400 i think it was.

now after this change, the payout dropped significantly more than half. now its not worth my time or risk to try and sneak in to steal more crystals.

kinda taking some of the fun away


The most frustrating part about this is that teams worked hard to conquer more lands to increase bonuses. Sure, the new way is easier to understand, but that does not change the fact that you have greatly reduced the rewards for the money and effort put into trying to get the bonuses in the first place.


I’d try to make allies who can perhaps help my team get a few medium-level lands and also protect a larger clutch of low level lands. Low-level lands are worth less, but they still have value and are easier to max out and probably less likely to become the target of a stronger team.

Here is what it takes to earn each bonus (the original post contains information about how much each infrastructure level is worth):

EDIT: This is now out of date. See below for an updated version.

I think it depends on how you define value. A team which owns 20 level 3 lands would have buffs that are ~44% larger than a team with 20 level 2 lands. So you’d get significantly more gold, tribute tokens, materials, etc. But I’m not sure I’d count 44% more as twice as good. On the other hand, level 3 infrastructure can provide more points (up to 9.39 with a maxed out building) versus maxed out level 2 infrastructure (3.95 points) … so more than twice as many points. But points themselves aren’t valuable – really only the buffs they produce matter, imo.

Worth considering for sure. As more teams join, it would make sense that newer teams should get weaker land, and that stronger teams will move up into better land (which means we’d need to create it). I imagine at some point (probably not soon) there will be a need for level 6 regions and bigger (but harder to achieve) buffs to go with them.


My only question is why did shards get reduced. We had a baseline for shards. Even in neutral zone it was way more then it is now in our own areas. Why couldn’t the baseline for shards be the same and we increase from there. Just curious why it had to be reduced. Owning more land never gave you increased shards. Only base increase for your area after that you had to upgrade.


Owning more land gave up to a 400% buff for each shard type previously. Progression prizes in events now have a minimum 500% buff for shard types, but poachers don’t get the same treatment yet. I’m considering putting in the same bonus floor for them too (the max is +1000% i.e., 10x) but haven’t decided yet.


The buffs earned by all tiers (Bronze I, etc.) have been increased. The boost looks like this (red is old, blue is new):

Here’s the updated version of the chart @CBAteASandwich asked for earlier:

The new system was a bit harsher than intended. This tuning change was intended to address that. I’m sure it’ll change again at some point in the future, but hopefully this iteration will last a while longer.

EDIT: The right column indicates how many Infrastructure Points you need to get a certain percentage of a team buff (which is the lefthand column). So with 446 or more infrastructure points, you’ll get 100% of the team buff. Dive the righthand column by 5 for refineries (as they’re easier to max out because you need 5 different kinds of refineries to get buffs for each of the 5 crafting material types).


Usually tables are labeled on a X AND Y axis, so they actually mean something. 2 lines with some percentages on the left doesn’t help anybody. I’d assume that the left side would be ownership of 0 territories (as most graphs do). That being said, according to this graph, the less you do in Atlas the more you get.


Fair point. The right column indicates how many Infrastructure Points you need to get a certain percentage of a team buff (which is the lefthand column). So with 446 or more infrastructure points, you’ll get 100% of the team buff. Dive the righthand column by 5 for refineries (as they’re easier to max out because you need 5 different kinds of refineries to get buffs for each of the 5 crafting material types).


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I’m not going to lie. Your graph doesn’t make much sense to me.


@pgdave it’s funny your graph shows our NEW bonuses in atlas are increased. However in reality they are still significantly decreased.

A couple days ago you sliced our bonuses in half. Now you’re acting like you are helping us out by increasing rewards… however you are STILL decreasing the bonuses, correct? From the original bonus.


@pgdave I have some concerns about this new way, but I didn’t want to voice them without some knowledge.

Are you able to tell us how many of each level territory are avaiable?

Example - 25 - 5 star, 35, 4 star, etc?


@Hadriaan Some teams went up, others went down. Those that went down can build back up though – it suggests that either they (a) hadn’t built much infrastructure on their landholdings and/or (b) had an extraordinary amount land. The intent wasn’t and couldn’t be parity since the underlying system is fundamentally different – it’ll take some time to adjust to, but I think it’s in the best interests of the game. Best of luck building up your infrastructure.


My point is your graph shows a lie for most higher teams. It’s like you making $100 a day. Then I give you a pay cut to $50 a day. And you go on strike. So I give you a 50 PERCENT RAISE :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: party!!! Now you get $75 a day!!!

That’s exactly what your graph screams at me. You took away 2 and gave us back 1 and act like we are getting more.


Our main castles are still on the top 20 yet all our bonuses decreased drastically…


Sounds like your infrastructure can benefit from some upgrades. Check out the bonuses page to see your current bonuses and double-check how many more infrastructure points (and team buffs) you can earn by leveling them up.


It seems that PG broke a monopoly held by a small number of teams.
While those teams earn $75 per day instead of $100 per day.
The teams that were earning $4 per day are now earning $7 per day, and we’re stoked!!


Sounds to me like you’re pissing on those that have built up in atlas and calling it a California rainstorm. You PUNISHED those that had spent money to increase their returns from atlas. Is your business structure, “hey look at these people pushing hard on this new feature we added to the game, making others push hard as well, you know what let’s screw them over because all the little minnows are complaining that they’ve had a plan and pushed”? Seems like a shitty business model to me to keep decreasing the reward for effort put into the game. Remember the more that you take, the more the top players and teams get frustrated and stop spending. The less the top teams spend, the less the next tier of teams need to spend to keep up. The less those teams are spending the less fancy cars you can buy with your bloated paychecks, and lets get real you’re not making money off your Hidden Objects game


I worded that poorly I see based in your answer. What I’m asking for is what it would take to get to each tier of bonuses based on the new calculations.

So the bronze tier, platinum tier, so forth.

All I want to know is how many forts are needed for each set of bonus tokens and what that increase is.

So if we have 3 maxed forts on level 2 lands, and we are getting the first set of increases to token payout. Then what’s the next level look like? And thenone after, how can teams plan on how much land they want to own and what they need to do if they don’t k ow the actual values.


This table shows every team bonus which can be earned. Platinum 1 is the maximum bonus currently available. Bronze 5 is the weakest non-zero bonus available.

It’s probably easiest to explain the table with an example, so let’s work with CB’s team. His team currently owns three forts – a level 3 fort, a level 2 fort and a level 1 fort:

We could lookup how many points each fort is worth by tapping on the info icon in the Points column – this is handy if we want to see how many points a higher level Fort would be worth. But in this case we can just read the table and see that these three forts are worth 3.95, 2.38 and 1.00 Fort Infrastructure Points, respectively. This adds up to 7.33 Fort Infrastructure Points.

Now we look in the table and see which buff this earns us. Bronze 3 requires 11 points, and we don’t have that many yet. Bronze 4 requires 3 points, and we have more than that so we’ll get the Bronze 4 bonus. Next, we look at the corresponding value in the Fort column and see that a Bronze 4 fort bonus gives us 366 tokens every day. The bonuses UI shows this:


If we tapped on it, it would show us the details page for the fort which shows us some of the math we just did, as well as what we need to do to get our next buff and what that buff is. To spell it out, we need to get 11 Fort Infrastructure Points in order to move up a tier and get 474 tokens every day.

Getting those extra tokens seems like a good idea, so maybe we want to figure out how we can do that. First, we can figure out how many more points we need. In this case we need 11 points and have 7.33 so that means we need 3.67 more points. How much could we get if we upgraded the Forts at Purgatory and Hell? Well, if we upgraded Hell to level 3 that would boost it’s score from 1.00 to 3.95 – a gain of 2.95 points which would increase our total Fort Infrastructure Points from 7.33 to 10.28 … not quite enough! Upgrading Purgatory too would put us of the 11 point threshold and net us all those extra tokens – almost 40k more for the team each week!

If we want to plan even further ahead, we can see that the Bronze 2 buff requires 28 points. To get there we’d need 5 more level 3 forts … or we could make it happen with just a pair of level 6 forts which are worth nearly ten points apiece. Anyway, there are multiple paths to victory … you’ll have to find your own way, but I hope this helps!

Note: You’ll notice in the table that the points required for Refinery buffs are lower. This is because your team has 5 different refinery buffs … so each one is a little easier to get than other buffs (but getting all 5 is probably even harder than maxing out one normal buff!).

Disclaimer: Params are subject to change, as always.

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