Atlas team Do you need help on leadership .? Equipo con Atlas. Necesitas liderazgo?

If you need a time to chill out I would be happy to help you.
Been leader and officer love to play Altas and looking for a team to join and help rebuild and raise up .
Hola Si necesitas ayuda con el liderazgo de tu equipo y quieres tomarte un tiempo para relajarte yo puedo hacerme cargo he sido líder y Oficial estoy bien entrenada y tengo buenos dragones soy un buen jugador con experiencia excelentes habilidades de comunicación para liderar cualquier equipo búscame

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Language:ingles y español
Time Zone:
Played time:1year
Age Range:
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes:lockjaw asuraarbolith
Highest Lineage Dragon:esmerald


So just to check. You are to looking to join a team. You are looking to be leadership on a team?


Message me in game in orderofdragoon. We might have some space to you, can’t guarantee an officer position off the bat obviously but not off the table either.

We’re plat 2 team, we get the last quest prize in events and usually finish top 5 in PvP.

Both help rebuild and lead

You can help lead my atlas gold team which I need one badly
As an officer tho

Dang I thought this thread was to the PG Atlas team.

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What team are you?

Message them in game to find out