Atlas team LFM!

Atlas team LFM!

LFM – Gold – Level 25+


Language: (Decent) English (without having to use translators or dictionaries all the time)
Time Zone: Mostly KST, PST, EST, but we don’t exactly care if you can bear the silence due to the difference in active hours.
Played time: We care about activity, rather than how long you’ve been playing or your current level.
Age Range: We don’t care, but we expect you to be mature and gentle… at least in tc. Joking’s fine, but be civil when things heat up.
Elite Account?: Preferred, but we don’t care too much about either of the two elites.
Dragon Roster Includes: We don’t care much about what divines you have in your roster. You’ll eventually get divine mythics anyways.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Pretty much ditto as above.

About: This is an old atlas team with multiple castles. The team’s been used by a small group of real life buddies. Officers and core members (Ex-D & S league’rs) have decided to expand the team to a full one, hence the LFM post. :grin:

Nothing is expected other than personal scores equivalent to 8/8 team event scores on minor events, 5/8 on major events (but we do 8/8 anyways as our current league is low enough for us), and all 5/5 on team chest, along with placements of primarchs and certain amount(TBA once you join) of monthly increase on your troop count. -we don’t care much about monthly kills until your troop count reaches 1M. -the only thing we actually do force is placement of your primarchs, tbh… and never to bother our leader as he’s a busy man. :rofl:

Officers (except one) tend not to kick anybody unless they must, so no need to be too strict about the expectations, but try not to mess with the short-tempered, hotheaded officer, the exception just mentioned. :crazy_face:

Please send me a PM on the forums if you’re interested in joining, we will then let you know the team name.

FYI, we are NOT interested in our team being taken-over, though small group of atlas active people can join us as a small merge. (fyi, leadership or officership is not likely to be given out in this case. :x: )

Edit: We do use a 3rd party app to alert regarding atlas & war & event and just to talk to each other outside the game that is NOT Line or Whatsapp.

Edit: Bolded parts of the post.

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Team name?

What’s your team Name ________________

Whats the team name?


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not quite getting if you’re trying to merge into theirs or you want them to merge into yours.

if former, not for me to comment.

but if latter, i can’t help but notice myself being curious.

why should they move to yours not the other way around? :thinking:


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