Atlas team prizes

Is it me or Atlas team prizes are getting worse and worse? Soon it’ll be nothing lol


Maybe your team is getting worse and worse…? :thinking:

No, the prizes have actually been nerfed (or made more dependent upon bonuses) from when Atlas was first released. :woman_facepalming:

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I find this very odd. It’s sooooo team oriented. And then the rewards aren’t team oriented :man_shrugging:

We are tier 1 rank 1 atm and prizes are shit lol

They need to make prizes for more than just events

Atlas team prizes are pretty much junk.

This game is currently a walking contradiction…teams are what matter, yet pretty much only individual spending is what is supported. Make Alliances, yet the gameplay in Atlas makes it almost impossible. It is basically Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde on steroids.

Is there a helpful solution about ? I mean what players invest to get is greatly unbalanced.
Its like giving very much to get very less as prize back.

would like to know what is yours , or the teams meaning about this .

Yup… few events ago it was 200-300 keystones and 20k+ shards and current event is 37 keystones and 2k shards…

**32 keystones, don’t give them too much credit

@PGDave balance is a good thing. When first released the prizes were outstanding especially the 12hr timers. Admittedly it may have been overly generous. But then to counter-balance it the prizes don’t make sense. I can make more from farming poachers during the period of the event. My suggestion would be to consider introducing a team prize (as in main events) to incentivise participation with fair-good prizes. Like wise the individual prizes need to be better than what you can achieve from farming poachers.

Lmao,better check team name,before dropping sarcastic comments :sweat_smile:

I was kidding.

I would honestly like to have the merchants back at this point.

Yesssss. Shard merchants maybe?

No elemental ember merchants to build even more of the now irrelevant flaks :hugs::hugs::hugs:

dont be sarcastic. the flaks are/were cheap.
im quite happy i havent spent a fortune into my base.
but i totally agree. the team prizes are way too low atm. they added a lot of teams and decreased prizes a lot :roll_eyes:

A chunk of team prizes were rolled into personal prizes. I think some more team-oriented events or activities (e.g., along the lines of world war in spirit) should offer bigger team prizes though.

It should but it’s still getting worse and worse compared to a month or two ago. It’s at a point that it doesn’t even worth to do atlas events… if you want more people to spend/play Atlas make it worth it. I also think you should bring merchants back. @PGDave