Atlas Teams in Lower Leagues

At one point I recall it being stated that a team, once granted Atlas access, would not then lose atlas if their rank declined.

If that is the case, there should by now be a few gold and platinum teams with atlas access - having acquired it in Diamond or Sapphire and then falling into a rebuilding cycle.

Does anyone have a list of atlas teams in lower leagues?

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you would have to cross reference the lists… what league are you looking for?

I’m not. I’m just curios.

Well the lottery will add 20 gold teams now (15 in Gold1, 3 in Gold2, and 2 from Gold3 at current status). You’ll see the list of teams in the announcement page.

I’ve definitely seen several Gold teams with atlas but I don’t recall their names

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Oh we are doing a lottery now? I hadn’t heard that part.

Hopefully the teams are entering this lottery rather than selected at random. It would be funny as hell if a team that didn’t want atlas won the lottery and then immediately broke up as players fled.

It closed on Sunday, I didn’t see it until yesterday either. They selected 40 teams at random from those that applied, 20 gold and 20 plat teams.

Looks on announcement posting

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