Atlas Teaser Announcement - New Lands

Dragon Lords,

In the past few years you have raised armies, formed alliances, and waged massive battles across the lands of Atlas. Troops have been trained, primarchs have been seasoned and defeated, and castles have been conquered and reconquered in all corners of the map.

Today, we announce the next great frontier in Atlas – new land that is said to be untouched and ready for the taking. This summer, your armies will get to discover these new and exotic lands.

What treasures do you think you’ll uncover when this new expansion launches?


New land :eyes::heart_eyes:


Nice, more castles for inactive teams lol


New land doesn’t fix anything. I hope there’s more to it then just expanding the map


Goody, more space for mega alliances to control and give castles to teams who didn’t earn them. More Lv 5s for the top to hoard and even worse lag and traveling time.


Yeahhh, I’ve gotta say, I don’t see how new land changes anything, unless you’re adding a “Once you travel to the new land, you can never come back” clause.


Some additional info: the new land is on the same map and will have new/different mechanics than existing land. Also, the new land will have a reset cycle.


Okay, interesting to say the least. But unless those “new/different mechanics” are pretty powerful, I don’t see how we avoid a situation where the current map stays the same, and the same handful of top teams take and control the resetting land every time…just like they do with all the other high-value territory.


Are there any features being added meant to combat mega alliancing in this? I could totally see 20 teams working together and clearing out large chunks of land in this, which would be impossible to conquer afterwards


Will it improve the lag too? :eyes::popcorn:

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Yes, it will add more lag, especially for android users. An extra round of lag for everyone! :beers:


Yeah, we need to know this asap. No point in wasting rss building more troops if those get taken away or something.

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More interested in not carrying over the things that make current Atlas broken.


Intresting… hope it’s good way of learning curve.I would appreciate everyone be prepared for it as it will have many bugs so everyone don’t freak out on day 1 and let pg give some time to deal with issues if there’s long as hame works atleast 60-70% we should accept it and give time to Pg enough time.


Would love to see a time that a player gets a castle and has their own bank.

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I hope there aren’t any castles… and the mechanics are significantly different from what we currently have.


Dear god I hope this isn’t the same broken attempt as the last one. Y’all about killed the game with it

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Oooh. I’m actually really looking forward to this!


I want to be… I really do!

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La mejora viene con la regulación para ataques de equipos de mismo nivel?
Trae una mejora para evitar que los piratas sigan atacando sin sufrir represalias?
O la nueva tierra será lo mismo de siempre …los equipos consentidos tendrán el control y serán los favorecidos…equipos que se llenan de castillos cuando otros equipos ni una oportunidad tienen de hacerse de un castillo y si se hacen de uno bajo asedio de equipos grandes.

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